It’s Time For A Winter Wonderland

We had snow today (snow that stuck around longer than the afternoon). The Monday after Thanksgiving. Which, I suppose, is fitting since we’re all supposed to be home buying things online.

No, not for quarantine. It’s Cyber Monday.

So, I hope you ate too much on Thanksgiving, took a nap, and really enjoyed relaxing. Taking advantage of a day to, hopefully, destress and decompress. Because now we have the wonder and beauty of snow. There’s no denying that we’re about to roll through the end of 2020.

I’m certain most of us can’t wait for a fresh year, like a fresh set of downs after a difficult football challenge, 2021 seems like it’s the year of rebirth, new starts, and all our hopes and dreams rest on it.

But, really, let’s make the most of 2020 while it’s still here.

Personally, I enjoy wearing my pajamas as often as possible. I enjoy staying home and not having to juggle friends and plans and obligations. Yes, I miss going out and doing things, seeing people in person, and my good friend(s). But there is something simple and enjoyable about sitting at home curled up under a blanket with hot cocoa and a good book that really make 2020 winter magical.

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Reading Up A Storm(Light)

This week is a time to remember what we’re thankful for…at least I think so. 2020 has been weird. A wild ride through some pretty difficult times. Is there really anything to be thankful for?

I think so.

There’s plenty of time to read and a great book recently released.

There are of course plenty of great books out there. Classics. New releases. But I am a big fan of The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Yes, there are bigger fans. Those who have read all his works multiple times and can pick through them for the Easter eggs and hints he leaves in each like breadcrumbs on the trail to a larger adventure…or a witch’s hut made of gingerbread.

The size alone may be off-putting, but what else is there to do in quarantine but sit on the couch? We’re already binge watching shows and movies. Why not allow your mind and imagination some exercise, too?

Besides, 1200 pages isn’t so bad. Right?

At least, not when the story is so well written, the scope so grand, and the magic epic. It’s a cool world where spren (basically elementals for emotions and elements) are captured to power technology, where storms rage but fill gems with light that Knights Radiant (some kind of order of mage knights) can use to perform fantastic feats that defy physics but look really cool. A war between kingdoms overturned by the coming of an ancient evil.

Sound interesting?

Then I’d recommend picking up book one, The Way of Kings, from your local library. You might need an appointment first, though. Definitely put it on hold. Thank me later.

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Covid: The Return

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… it really just depends if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Our summer outdoors has come to an end. Our lockdown indoors begins again.

See the source image

Not that there’s really anywhere to go during winter in Michigan, we’re basically snowed in anyway, so I’m not really sure what the order will accomplish that winter wouldn’t have… but I digress.

Whether ’tis nobler to stay indoors or fight the gov’ment… you know, I’ve often wondered how well that actually works out. Government still has power and authority, but we did just elect a new president. Wait, that’s over, right? We’re finished and a winner was declared? I’ve got to be honest, we need a new, better system. Why is it that we don’t have the technological infrastructure to register voters across the U.S.A. only once and be able to look it up from any polling place, but we have Silicon Valley and can send a man to the moon?

Okay, so Coronavirus cases are on the rise. Again. And we’re going to have to hunker down in our bunkers. Again.

No description available.
New orders for the Mitten that start Wednesday November 18, 2020

Jokes on you, though. I never left mine. Except on food runs. To go to work. To walk outside and enjoy the sunlight. Or the starlight. To bask in the wonder of nature. Okay, I’ll be straight with you, I never actually spent that much time in the bunker. Why? Because we’re going to be locked in there so long, I might as well enjoy sneaking out.

Florida knows what I’m talking about.

So, like a B-movie sequel, Covid returns (it never really left) and we’re stuck picking up the masks we long discarded (never stopped wearing).

Stay informed. Stay safe.

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Results Are In: America Is Still America

Okay, so we’re here. Monday. Ready to move on from the election results. We’ve got a sort of result. Now we’re just awaiting the recount to confirm. And here come the memes…

See the source image

Yep, that’s right. Now that the election is over, the memes can commence (not that they ever really stopped). We’re bringing back old favorites. We’re calling for civility while mocking the other side for losing. Isn’t America great? We can be sore loser and poor winners. I love this country.

Honestly, who’s surprised?

When politics are so polarizing, it makes sense that they will continue to be even after the election. I’m just glad the cold calls stopped. I’ll enjoy a couple years of peace and quiet then they’ll start again.

Unless I can get rid of my phone.

Is that even possible?

Well, America, only you can prevent forest fires…or something inspirational.

See the source image

Hey, I get it. Many voted against Trump, not for Biden. But some of you [you know who you are], voted because you wanted to a return of the memes.

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Quarantine: Round 2 – Ding!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow… or at least the day after tomorrow. Then the calls, texts, and ads will stop. The ones for voting and politics. I hope.

I will be great. Finally, I’ll have some peace and quiet to enjoy quarantine. It’s the second half of 2020 and we’re seeing a new spike in corona cases which just means that 2020 will end like it began, with drinking and isolation.

I, for one, can’t wait.

It’s been too long since I’ve spent time by myself. Who enjoys seeing other people? Who wants to spend time with anyone other than themselves? I know I sure don’t. I prefer simply being with me than with anyone else.

See the source image

Well, okay that’s not entirely true. There are a few people I can tolerate. But now I don’t have to… or won’t. Thanks coronavirus.

To be fair, though, we can’t seem to handle freedom. Therefore the only solution (until the virus goes away {that’s not how that works}) is to stay shut in forever.

And, I for one, graciously accept our viral overlords.

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