Oh man, everyone is freaking out right now! 2020 has gotten exponentially worse! How can we even survive another day? The election is 1000% more important now. We have to win! Failure means losing everything!

What happened to all my preppers? We were preparing for this, running drills to feel ready for the apocalypse

…hold on, I’m getting new information. Apparently, all the preppers are holing up in their bunkers. Doors locked. For them, Armageddon has already begun.

I doubt it’s as bad as everyone’s saying. I haven’t seen a single zombie yet.

…hold on, more new info. Apparently the Notorious RBG has recently passed away.

Did nobody see this coming? Wasn’t she sick. With cancer. Again? Did no one consider that the next presidential election would decide the man [since both major party candidates are men, Donald Trump and Joe Biden] who would choose her successor? That wasn’t a consideration for anyone? Just me. Oh, okay.

RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A truly historical figure. A powerful person. A staunch fighter for the rights of women. A Supreme Court Justice.

From Facebook

Seriously, no joke. She was an important figure in history. Whether you agree with everything she did or stood for, she still made great strides. She still was a powerhouse of political clout.

Requiescat in pace, Justice Ginsburg.

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Covid-19 Makes Labor Day More Equal

Today we celebrate all those who go into labor. Wait, that’s in May. Today we celebrate those who held the hands of those who go into labor. No, that’s in June.

So…today we celebrate labor. By not doing any.

Does that seem right to you?

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Before you get things twisted, I’m all for a day off. Holidays are great. Paid holidays are better. But a holiday that celebrates work while not working, that the best of all. A true American innovation. It really captures the American spirit.

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From Pinterest

But, in truth, if it wasn’t for Unions, we wouldn’t have the first Monday in September off. We’d be going to work just like every other country on the planet. Suckers.

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Of course, is it really a holiday if not every gets to enjoy a day off? Can we have true equality when not everyone is equal? One could argue that they chose their profession knowing the risks. But I find myself wondering, today at least, if we want to enjoy the holiday without guilt maybe we shouldn’t have anything be open. No stores. No theaters. No sports arenas. No restaurants.

If you think about it, this is probably the closest we’ve every gotten to having a true day off for everyone everywhere in America. A real chance to celebrate a holiday.

So I hope that you had the day off. If not, let’s keep fighting America to make holidays equal again. Join Covid-19 and support the rights of all Americans to enjoy a day free from work and toil that celebrates the other 750 days of the year where we work and toil.

It’s a little thing, but it could go a long way.

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How Do You Feel Woke?

This morning I find myself wondering how people get woke. Usually, I sleep pretty well, but on occasion [like Monday mornings], I hear the alarm and want to roll over. Hit the snooze and sleep until tomorrow.

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Sure, I can come home from work, at a 15 minute power nap and feel ready to take on the day. Granted there’s only a few hours left. All I really need to do is have dinner and relax at home until it’s time for bed, but still…I’m ready to smash the evening.

Sometimes I’ll come home from work and nap for an hour. Sometimes I’ll do that on the weekend, right after breakfast. It all depends.

It’s almost as if my body is telling me, “Hey, we only got 8 hours of sleep last night. We need at least 12. Undisturbed.”

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How often do you sleep completely through the night? For me, it’s not often. But those days [nights?] I do, it’s like the moment my head hits the pillow my alarm blares.

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So, here it is, Monday morning. Another start to another week. And I’m about as rested as usual. Which isn’t bad. It’s just funny that my body is like, “Hey, let’s go back to sleep.” Maybe it just really wants to skip work.

Do you need to set 5 alarms just to roll out of bed? What are some of your tips to feeling rested and ready to tackle the day when you wake up?

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Can’t Fight the Inevitable

I’ll be honest, some days I don’t want Monday to arrive. Maybe I’m enjoying the weekend too much (is that even possible?). Perhaps I’m not looking forward to work (who is?). Probably, though, I’m simply dreading the slow drudge toward another dreary day. After all, August continues to march on. Summer nears it’s inevitable end. And people are already hoping for pumpkin spice season.

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Some people might dread the oncoming season. Me, I’m merely holding on for the ride. After all, there’s no stopping the pumpkin spice. Resistance is futile.

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You see, the truth is that no matter how anyone tries to fight it, not even COVID-19 can stop the inevitable. Pumpkin Spice will arrive. How do I know?

Well, let’s just say that I’ve seen a few things in my day.

There’s nothing worse than fighting a losing battle. Like hoping Monday won’t arrive, pumpkin spice season will soon be upon us.

Brace yourselves.

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Ah, Another Glorious Monday in Quarantine

Entering into Monday after a long weekend or a few days off really throws off your groove. You’re living every day like it’s the weekend only to hit the brakes and enter the harsh reality of the work week once again.

Sure, we can say Mondays get a bad wrap, but the truth is, our attitude reflects more about ourselves than about a day. Monday just is. It can’t help itself.

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Yes, I’d like to be able to blame Monday for all my problems, but it’s, honestly, just minding its own business, doing its thing. Should I come along and ruin Monday for Monday? I mean, is that even fair?

What did Monday ever do to me? Besides start the work week, remind me that I shouldn’t stay out so late Sunday night, drag me into work once again, wake me up with the sun, and make me wear a mask.

…Okay, that last one probably isn’t Monday’s fault, but can you prove it isn’t? I mean, if Monday wasn’t around and I didn’t have to go to work, would I still need to wear a mask?

Pretty sure Covid was released on a Monday, too, so…

All I’m saying is, have a great Monday. Make it the best Monday that ever Mondayed.

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