Badger Up, Badger On

In honor of International Hufflepuff week (that’s not a thing [it is now]), I’m going to go full-on nerd and list a few of the great things about the least appreciated and most unknown Hogwarts House. I mean, the books never even tell us where the Common Room is.

Hufflepuffs get a bad wrap because the only two students from that House we really see either *spoiler alert* die or turn to stone.

  1. The Common Room is the most secure. No non-Hufflepuff has visited it in “over a thousand years”, according to Gabriel Truman {who? [he’s on Pottermore {what?}]}(the the Marauders might be an exception).
  2. The Common Room is near the kitchen, making midnight snacks a great option.
  3. Hufflepuffs are exceedingly loyal. Sometimes to a fault like during the Tri-Wizard tournament: they cheered exclusively for Cedric, some even mocking Harry as a false champion. Loyalty can go a bit too far.
  4. Speaking of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, the Tri-Wizard Cup chose a Hufflepuff as Hogwarts’ champion.
  5. Fan favorites Tonks and Newt Scamander are notable members. Both brave, loyal, and hardworking heroes.
  6. They may not be the smartest, the bravest or the most ambitious, but I’m willing to bet that there are more Hufflepuff students than any other House…unless the Sorting Hat manages to divide the first years up evenly every year (unlikely).
  7. Since it’s original founder, Helga Hufflepuff, didn’t mind who she took in, Hufflepuff House is probably the most inclusive House at Hogwarts.
  8. Deadpool is a Hufflepuff. *spoilers ahead*

  9. They can be brave and patient but not fool-hardy
  10. It’s J.K. Rowling’s favorite House.

So remember:

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the author’s oldest daughter: “We should all want to be Hufflepuffs.”

I think we could all learn to be a little more like Hufflepuffs. The world needs more patient, kind, tolerant, loyal, hard-working, just people in it.

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A Game of Thrones Fan Theory

I wonder if George R.R. Martin wanted the series to end with so many disgruntled fans. After all, he still has a few more books left to write in the series. If the fans had received a satisfying ending, why would they buy any more of his books?

See the source image

Found here (lazy)

Of course, that means that he has to write more books. Perhaps he secretly hoped the ending would produce so many disgruntled fans that they’d give up on ever wanting to continue reading the books and stop pestering him when the next one came out.

See the source image

Found herehere [I know, I know]

Maybe he really hoped it’d be good so he wouldn’t have to finish the books.

See the source image

Found, you guessed it, here

Now, however, he does. He’s even set a deadline …though he’s broken them before.

See the source image

Found here [don’t say it (lazy)]

Still a better ending…maybe [the one I always thought it would be].

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Endgame Spoiler Free Review

There was [is?] a lot of hype surrounding Avengers: Endgame. But, I think, for the most part, it delivered. I’m not saying it was the perfect movie, but it definitely didn’t feel like it was three hours.

Of course, I’m not the only one who thought so. If money talks, we can know just how good the movie is. It broke all sorts of records. Opening day ($60 million in North America), opening weekend ($1.2 billion), even making over $1 billion worldwide so quickly.

The crazy thing is that I’m sure people will already have seen it multiple times. Not just because they want to see it again, but because the plot is so intricate you might’ve missed a few things. Or you just want to catch all the Easter eggs hidden throughout the movie.

It’s pretty great. One of the better Avengers films. Definitely better than Avengers: Infinity War. Do yourself a favor and watch it once…maybe twice.

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The Movie Event of Our Lifetime… Unless You Haven’t Watched 22 Movies.

It’s here guys, the weekend we’ve all been waiting for. Wait, you’ve sufficiently recovered from yesterday’s sugar overdose, right? I hope your mom gave you lots of candy and snacks because we’ve got a three hour movie extravaganza to endure this weekend.

See the source image

Hulk fighting Thanos Superman (from Pinterest)

There’s only one thing more exciting than seeing Avengers: Endgame and that’s wondering which Avengers will make the final cut. We all know that Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hulk, and Loki are coming back. Probably even most of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Some we know thanks to Disney’s new streaming service, others from movies either coming out or hinted at. Still, that leaves a few in the air. 

Really, it just comes down to if the original Avengers will make it to the end credits. Even if we won’t see them in any new films, they could be saving the world in the background while new heroes take the spotlight in movies.

The only way to know is to see the movie. It premiers Friday.


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Star Wars Is Back…Until It Isn’t

This weekend, at the Star Wars celebration, Disney unveiled the title for the new last movie in the saga. The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s the last movie in the new trilogy. The last movie for a few years (while the next trilogy and sequence of films is figured out) and the last Star Wars movie I’ll probably see.

If you don’t know, Lucasarts has hired Rian Johnson to direct the next trilogy. So, once J.J. Abrams reveals that Rey is a Skywalker, I suppose I’ll just sit back and watch as fans rip apart the next movie and dislike the next trilogy as much as they dislike The Last Jedi.

But, at least it looks like Rey will cut a TIE Interceptor in half with her lightsaber [too bad it’s not green {well, she didn’t lose a hand in Episode VIII, so…}]. Unless, of course, her cousin lover best friend enemy Kylo Ren is piloting. Then we’ll see something incredible happen through the power of the Force.

Luke’s back. Lando’s back. The Emperor’s back? What more could fans hope for? Guess we’ll find out after Christmas.


A new video game where we can play as Jedi.

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