Musing on Life after a Birthday

Ever feel like you’re driving one direction and life throws you a curve ball so you pull the emergency brake and slide into a 180 degree turn? It’s not that you’re going backward, it’s that you’ve found a new direction.

Life’s a journey, an adventure, and, sometimes, fun. Rarely boring. Often unpredictable. The only things that are guaranteed are death and taxes (Benjamin Franklin). But along the way, the choices we make change how we perceive things. The people we meet, the friends we make, the family that raises us and guides us, all impact us in one way or another.

We either choose our path or our path chooses us.

That’s when the e-brake comes in handy. You might lose a lot off the lifetime of your tires, but sometimes you need a little thrill to kick you in the pants and break you away from the mundane. We get stuck in ruts and the only way to break out is high RPMs and a quick getaway…or low RPMs and 4-wheel drive. Depends on the rut.

But sometimes, you just want to slide through a turn.

*Non-professional driver on a closed course. Please do not attempt

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Cold Weather Remains. Winter Hopes to Catch the Premiere of Avengers: Infinity War

Too be fair, with all the hype and excitement surrounding the latest installment of Marvel’s blockbuster franchise, can we really blame winter for wanting to stick around to see the premiere? Of course, that means some of us get the shaft, but like unsung holidays, maybe we’ll grow used to it, too.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite, little known holiday is coming up soon. Earth Day. The one day a year when we take time out of our…no wait, we don’t get the day off. Which is really too bad considering how awesome the weather has… been… er, yeah.

But, true story, Sunday is Earth Day. So, take a moment to celebrate the planet that gives you winter, snow, more winter, second winter, and freezing rain {really though, it’s just an excuse for the government to force us to care about the environment (conspiracy theory much?)}.

Here in the Great White North…wait, that’s Canada… here in the state that looks like a mitten, we believe that winter might end but only to begin construction season. We had a brief period when the roads were patched during the false lull between first and second winter, that near thaw that brought potholes. Well, we’ve got them again.

Or as I like to think of them, the craters Superman made when fighting the Mole People.

But, honestly, no one cares about Earth Day or potholes. We’re too concerned with who’s going to die in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

And everyone’s favorite new book, Where’s Hawkeye?, a magical romp through trailers and posters searching for a glimpse of the team’s resident archer.

Image result for where's hawkeye

From Reddit

If only we could all be so concerned about Hawkeye’s fate. Alas, some of us are taking one Sunday off in the hope that Mother Nature might relent and give us spring. Then summer. Otherwise, Avengers: Infinity War could be the biggest blockbuster of winter part 3.

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Meh Monday

It’s Monday, it’s April, and it snowed. I don’t understand anymore. So, instead of writing something funny, I’ll just toss some pictures on the page and call it a day because I need a nap. Hopefully, I’ll wake up tomorrow and it’ll be spring… just for one day.

Too true?

There’s soon to be an app for that.

Ah, Mondays.

Well… stuff happens.

And they’re nearly extinct (too soon).

Thanks, Boromir (there’s so much wrong with that statement).

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Baseball Begins

Opening Day happened over the weekend at Comerica Park…it just wasn’t on the day everyone expected. Baseball season started earlier this year with many teams playing the last days of March.

Of course, here in Detroit, we had rain-outs in two out of the three games of the home opener and have yet to see temps much above 50 (if they’ve even reached that high) in the first four days of the 2018 season.

Which begs the question I ask every year: Why keep pushing opening day back? Soon, spring training will begin in December and the season will start in February (can’t say March anymore). We’ll see games with snow (already have) and games where players wear sweaters and gloves and long johns and beanies and ski masks and scarves and wool socks.

It’s not like the season couldn’t start April 14th this year. Or just the home opener in Detroit be after Memorial Day. The first few months and the last few you play where it’s warm. In between, you play where it’s cooler (so, not Texas).

But, it looks to be a good season, once the stadiums heat up, people fill the stands, and summer is in full swing.

Maybe I’ll see you at the ballpark…but not until May or June. April’s too cold (unless I get free tickets. No one can say no to free stuff).

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The Silent and the Fool

It’s interesting. If you sit quietly among a group, whether at a party or at a meeting or wherever, people assume you’re shy or reserved. When in reality, you’re just waiting for them to pause. Or, in the worst case scenario, finish getting all the stupid out.

For some people, that can take a while. Sure, there’s a lot to say on any particular topic and plenty of guys know the subtle art of “listening”, i.e. not letting your eyes glaze over while your significant other drones on about whatever the latest fashion trend is, whomever Kardishian’s lastest social media who cares, or other drivel that isn’t related to food, sports, cars, or love.

Some people just really like the sound of their own voice and casually repeat stories. Sometimes even within the course of an evening. These story-repeaters might be well-intentioned, but I think they just only have the one good story and want to tell as many people as possible. And sometimes they forget who they’ve talked to since they’re trying to remember every minute facet of the story and pick appropriate places to embellish.

It’s like someone once said, “It’s better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

So, check yourself before you open your mouth. Some jokes aren’t better left unsaid.

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