Avengers: Endgame = Thanos’ Retirement

By now I’m sure most of us have seen the trailer for Avengers: Endgame that dropped on Friday. In it, we see Thanos taking up a new career. Farming. I suppose once you’ve fulfilled your life’s purpose, you just find another. Like in the Sims.

The real question, though, is what’s Thanos farming? And why does he need to use his armor as a scarecrow? Is he trying to keep the Avengers away? Or just the Hulk?

Maybe it’s not a scarecrow, it’s an advertisement: “Here I am, what’re you going to do about it?”

So, even if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War, you knew they would make a follow-up. And every’s worried that their favorite characters will stay dead or become dead or die again…I’m not sure on the plot, obviously, there’s only been one trailer, but, fortunately, we only have to wait until April to find out how everything works out and how Captain Marvel saves the day.

And we don’t have to wait too much longer for Captain Marvel, either.

But, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a Star Wars movie.

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An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Some days I feel like the weather is just a con artist playing a long game of bait-and-switch. Yesterday, it felt almost warm here. Sunny. Slightly breezy. A nice, autumn day. Perfect for a light jacket or a sweater. Hoodie weather. Today, we’re back to cold wind and low temps. A winter day.

Winter isn’t a bad season. It’s just hard to get used to the cold when it keeps leaving a day at a time every few weeks. I’d rather it stuck with cold all winter rather than the brief reprieves we’ve received.

…But, I might be in the minority.

The sad part about the temperature jumps [besides getting me excited for spring (that’s a long way off)] is that we lose the snow. All we see is mushy ground. I’d rather see snow.

Until it turns brown or black.

A nice layer of fresh powder makes the world look covered in sugar. That’s when I can see sugarplum fairies dancing around. Not just listen to them on the radio.

So, weather, please make up your mind. Either remain winter so I can brace for it or stay autumn and roll right into spring.



Image result for michigan weather meme

From Wattpad

But, honestly, it’s not Christmas without snow covering the ground.

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Jurassic Excitement or Giant Turkeys?

So, as everyone knows, last Thursday was Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I had a great time stuffing my face, thanks for asking.

I did, however, jump on a few early holiday shopping deals and bought a new to me video game: Jurassic World Evolution. If you’ve played Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, it’s pretty similar. Just a typical park builder with dinosaurs. So it’s basically awesome.

Unfortunately, I had to unleash a little chaos into the park.

Image result for introduce a little anarchy joker

From me.me

The game does plenty of this on its own, there’s even achievements to unlock by taking pictures of dinosaurs rampaging through your park and terrorizing your guests. Hilarious. …I mean, “Oh! That’s not right.”

Sometimes, though, you just want to see a specific scenario played out. So you let your T-Rex battle an Indominus Rex just to see who’d win. Or allow your Baryonyx to chase a few people until they reach the emergency shelter (because no self-respecting dinosaur park would ever leave shelters on the to-do list).

Storms wreak havoc, dinosaurs rampage, yet guests still come in droves. Yep, it’s as realistic as you’d expect. Who wouldn’t visit a real life Jurassic Park? I know I would {just make sure you have you affairs in order before leaving}.

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Ewoks Vs. Ren

So, I recently watched Solo for the first time [not as terrible as I assumed based on the almost universal panning of the film]. It’s actually pretty decent and not a shabby entry in Star Wars canon. Not quite as good a standalone entry as Rogue One, but leaps and bounds better than The Last Jedi (sure, just jump on the hate train…like everyone else).

But it leaves me with Star Wars on the brain and a dilemma: how did Kylo Ren retrieve Darth Vader’s helmet from Endor?

Did he just waltz in, earbuds in ears, and slaughter Ewoks? Reminiscent of Anakin’s wholesale slaughter of Sand People in Episode 2? Or just he just sneak around the forest moon since, obviously, no one would ever be able to see him amidst all the foliage.

The real question isn’t how he found it because that’s just trekking through the woods following speeder bike wreckage until you stumble upon some AT-STs and the ruins of a bunker. Wait, is the Ewok village near there? I’ve always assumed so.

If not, my childhood is a lie [I mean, I still had one, so that isn’t the lie…okay, now I’m confused].

Image result for kylo ren vs ewoks

Not sure about the Ewok Jedi, but honestly, it wouldn’t make a difference lol [just goes to show that you can Google anything]. (From bettercomix.com)

But, I’m pretty sure that there are a lot less Ewoks on Endor after Kylo retrieved Vader’s helmet. My only question is how many did he eat before he grew tired of bear? Because, honestly, I know I’m not the only one who wanted to see Chewbacca eat that roast porg in TLJ… they looked tasty and we all know that Ewoks think humans are tasty. Might as well flip the script on them.

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Can’t Wait ‘Til Wednesday

Gosh, I’ll be glad the day after tomorrow. Wednesday will finally see the end of trashy commercials. But maybe I’m the only one who’s tired of those ads that drag political opponents through the muck and mire [since politicians still run them and still get votes]. And all those folk who’ve been saying they’ll move to Canada will finally get on with it.

Come Wednesday, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people upset and a lot of people overjoyed. But, at the end of the day, we still have a government with two sides staunchly opposed to one another and who refuse to work together except in the most extreme and dire circumstances.

I’m not saying don’t vote {if you don’t show up, someone will vote for you}. I’m just saying that we need better ads. More that focus on why you’re a good candidate and less on why your opponent sucks. Sure, I see a lot more of the vitriolic stuff from one side over the other, but I’ve seen it from both sides (just vote third party {lol no}).

And what’s with all those people claiming they’ll move to Canada if the Republicans win again? Didn’t they say the same when Trump won? I’m not sure if these are credible threats.

I mean, seriously, does anyone care if Barbara Streisand moves to Canada? Pretty sure we only care if Justin Bieber does [but Canada doesn’t want him either].

If you like Canada more, just move there. No need to plaster it on every billboard and shout it from the rooftops. It’s a personal choice like which jeans you wear, how much coffee you drink, and whether or not you want to see America burn or just Washington D.C. …er, that took a darker turn than expected. Oops. Got a little too Joker, there. Because in Joker’s America, if someone disagrees with you, just firebomb them.

Related image

From 9wow

But we live in actual America. As much as I’d like to live in Superman’s America where idealism and courage, truth, justice, and Kryponians are valued, I have to face facts. America is where I live. Not the idealized city-state, not the dystopian anarchy, not even the technological empire or the steampunk kingdom that’d be super cool, but regular old, U.S. of A. Still pretty great, though [just not always good].

So vote, don’t vote, that’s your choice. Just know that if I saw an ad for someone who tore another person down, I’m not voting for them. So, that makes it pretty easy to tell who I voted for.

Image result for end voting

From A Libertarian Future [careful, McAfeee advises this isn’t a safe site]

{Don’t believe the polls, the media, or the early numbers. No one has a landline anymore. Rarely does anyone answer the phone for a number they don’t know. And nobody takes those political “vote for me” surveys. And, as far as I know, only one party suppresses the will of their constituents while actively campaigning as the party of the people (as they say in some parts of America, “Vote early, vote often” [that’s how democracy works, right?].).}

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