A Fun Monday Clip

Today, we have a fun sketch from Key & Peele about continental breakfast. Enjoy!

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Christmas Time Is Here

Finally, I can start playing Christmas songs.

…Or did that already happen? Did it ever end?

Well, here we are once again surrounded by the magic of Christmas and those who would try to expunge it.

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Questions We Ask of Mary

Did Mary know?

This time of year, we get all sorts of carols, hymns, and songs about the holiday season. One of the more popular ones [and it is both catchy and very well done], is Mary Did You Know? No big deal, right?

Depends who you ask.

I mean, on the one hand, of course the Blessed Virgin Mary knew that her son was the Messiah and the Son of God. The archangel Gabriel pretty much spelled it out for her.

But the specifics of how much she knew? Obviously, she wouldn’t know that Jesus would walk on water or even turn water into wine. But she did know that He could do miracles, why else would she ask Him to help at the wedding in Cana when they ran out of wine?

Unless, Jesus Christ had a hidden stash of wine nearby.

So, whether you enjoy the song or not, agree with the song or not, you’ve got to admit that it’s pretty catchy (and better than the overplayed All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey).

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Holiday Shopping Season Begins

Here we are and it’s already December [When did that happen? (About five days ago)] and we’re smack in the middle of the holiday season. That stressful time when we stand in longer lines at every store, try to find the perfect gifts for everyone on our lists, and basically spend more money than we planned while hoping to have a few moments of happiness.

From iFunny.com

We spend so much time in stores that we forget people are people. We don’t see the store employees, the other shoppers in line, or even ourselves anymore. We’ve simply become cogs in a machine that churns us up and spits us out.

From me.me

The holiday shopping season has become an us versus them a me versus the world. We fight to get that last item on the shelf. We complain about the length of time we stand in line.

From Pinterest

We even drive more recklessly…which, here in the Midwest, can get pretty dangerous once snow is added.

From me.me

And that’s why I do most of my shopping online.

I can sit on my couch in the comfort of my pajamas and have gifts wrapped and delivered to the recipients. I have the food I like, the music I like, and save on gas [though prices have gone down (it’s sad that we’re excited to pay $3.70 instead of $4.05)].

But, I’m a little less stressed. After all, the only person I have to deal with is me. But I still need to figure out the perfect gift for everyone on my list. And that’s a tall order, even for Amazon.

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A Monday Distraction

Today is Monday. Instead of a joke, I’ll just leave you with a fun video to distract you from the beginning of the work week after a nice, long weekend (Thank you, veterans, for your service).

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