Onward is a Marvel Movie

During this time of quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing, many of us have turned to gaming or streaming services to keep sane and pass the time. The unending, relentless trudge toward the moment when I’ll be forced to leave my house again. If you’re anything like me, your daily schedule as become filled with naps, snacks, and movies. The latest from Disney+, Onward.

The story of Starlord trying to get the Avengers to play Dungeons & Dragons.

There’s only a small band of would-be heroes brave enough to take up the call to adventure. But, Starlord is undaunted. His enthusiasm abounds. He will finish the quest or die in the attempt. Victory, however, is assured! …or so he claims.

Sure, most of the Avengers ignore him, but Peter Parker feels bad for Quill. And, well, actually wants to play…maybe. He’s not too sure.

Gamora is there only to support her boyfriend. Not really sure about this whole thing.

And Nebula just wants to punch whatever is closest.

Thor showed up for a moment, but mostly, Starlord and Spider-Man played his character for him since he had mightier things to do. Pressing need to quench his thirst for battle against worthier foes.

From Tumblr

So, Starlord spends the whole adventure trying to convince Spider-Man to follow the quest his way while Peter Parker just wants to get to the end. To find the loot and end the game so he can say he’s played this Dungeons & Dragons thing he’s heard so much about. Because, at the start, he doesn’t seem to really be enjoying it all that much. Especially once he discovers that none of the other Avengers are interested in playing. He had hoped it’d be a sort of group bonding experience or a team-building exercise or something. Also, Tony Stark might’ve hinted that it was mandatory.

Honestly, I was interested in watching this movie before I learned it had a connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but knowing that it does makes this movie even more special.

I hope you enjoy Onward as much as I do. Or more, even. It’s a fun romp through ages of yore and what the world might look like today if we hadn’t killed off all the elves, orcs, unicorns, etc.

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Living the Quarantine Life

Today is Monday. Let’s start with that. You’re welcome. The reminder that we days continue even if I stay in my pajamas. It’s not so bad, not really. Quarantine has all the comforts of home. Video streaming, games, comfy furniture.

Certainly, it’s idyllic. Working from home. Taking a stay-cation. It’s a time to really enjoy that book you’ve been meaning to read, that show you’ve wanted to watch, or that task you’ve been putting off.

I mean, you could be productive. Or, just keep sitting on the couch, watching movie after movie. That’s why quarantine isn’t so bad. Why people aren’t complaining. After all, you can still go for a walk around the block, still workout from home using body weight exercises, and continue to enjoy the best the internet has to offer.

The only thing missing is toilet paper.

If you have some, please send it. If you need some, please ask. We’re all in this together. Sort of. We’re all isolated for safety. So let’s stick together and continue to enjoy the time we have apart. In order to remember what it’s like when we’re together.

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World: Enjoy Your Monday, Suckers

So here I sit, like every day, waiting for the end. It’s Monday (in case you forgot). We all know how bad Mondays can be. So, let’s keep it real, it might be nice wearing pajama pants and a sports coat to your morning video conference, but that doesn’t take away the sting that it’s still Monday.

Even in a topsy-turvy world, there’s one constant: Mondays get a bad rap (deservedly).

They get short shrift from everyone. How can we reclaim Monday? Change it’s name to Friday? Would that even help? It’s still the start of the work week. Still a reminder that we had a great time just a day ago and we have five more days to get through before we can have fun again.

I guess that’s the perk of working from home…so I’ve heard. You cut out your commute. Less time in the car, sure; but you’re missing out on your morning radio talk show. Unless, you turn it on at home. Listen online. Enjoy that morning rant.

If it makes you feel better, try yelling at the window as you walk past. Give the coffee table a dirty glare for cutting you off (when you stub your toe in the dark haze before your morning coffee). And keep living your life from the comforts of home.

Just remember to keep work separate from home. Otherwise, things might get a little weird. Like wearing suit pants and your pajama shirt.

Keep calm and use common sense: Stay inside. Protect others and yourself, even if you don’t have symptoms. There will be plenty of zombies to run from in a few weeks [what? there aren’t any zombies? Can I re-roll my pandemic?]


Sometimes, I wonder if 2020 isn’t just a whole year of Mondays. But then I remember, “Hey, it’s me” and things probably would’ve happened the same regardless of the extenuating circumstances.

So, today, let’s take back Monday. Claim it. Especially in a burgeoning year still filled with plenty more.

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Journal of a Quarantine Lover

The world is such a crazy place right now. People still going outside and attempting to live normal lives. Are they mad? Don’t they know how dangerous the outdoors are? The

Day One: Sports are canceled. Schools close. Work is only done remotely. Is this the end of civilized society as we know it? Will robots rise up and replace us? Stores have already been out of hand sanitizer for a week, now they’re out of toilet paper, paper towels, soap, water, bread, rice, and pasta.

Day Two: I’ve exhausted my Netflix library, my book collection, and the library’s closed! Disney+ service is intermittent. Is this how the internet falls? Under the crushing swell of animated musicals? In an attempt to keep sane [and forget my movie-less plight], I’ve walled myself off in a fort of toilet paper rolls. The end is surely nigh.

Day Three: I’ve resorted to foraging through my cupboard and eating uncooked rice. It’s a bit hard, but I’ve enough bottled water in reserve to keep from getting cotton mouth. I might finally change out of my pajamas. Probably not, though. I’m learning to live without the internet… how did anyone survive before its invention?

Day Four: No sign, yet, of zombies, vampires, or other elements of the dystopia that has set upon us. I remain vigilant. I know they’re lurking. Waiting for me to lose focus. One lax moment and it’ll be over for me. Fortunately, I’ve been prepping for this. My bow string is waxed and my arrows fletched [what else have I had to do the past few days?].


Now, we wait to see what day five brings. If you don’t hear from me, know that I went down fighting to get corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day.

Know this, I’m living my best life. Far away from everyone. It’s everything I ever imagined it could be. So peaceful. So restful. I hope this quarantine never ends.

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Seriously, People, Wash Your Hands

The fear of this Corona Virus is widespread. Stores are out of hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, face masks, toilet paper, paper towels, and water. To which, my coworker asked, “Who wasn’t washing their hands before?”. A valid question.

See the source image

From liquid-state.com (Image not of an actual grocery store)

I’m not saying don’t take precautions. This is, after all, still the cold and flu season. However, it’s interesting to see how people panic.

Is there a flu epidemic? Better stock up on everything so I won’t have to leave my house.

Is there a threat of severe winter weather? Better stock up on everything so I won’t have to leave my house.

Is there a federal holiday approaching? Better stock up on everything so I won’t have to leave my house.

We’re all susceptible to panic. Honestly, the internet, social media, the regular media, and even gossip don’t help. We’re prone to follow the crowd. And, right now, the crowd is stampeding.

We know the way to combat the spread of illness and germs. Why does it take an epidemic to force us to pursue basic hygiene and sanitation practices? Wouldn’t it be easier to just avoid people entirely, instead of carrying 20 gallon jugs of Purell everywhere you go?

Asking for a friend.


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