Medieval Warfare to Make a Comeback in the Future

It’s interesting how often while reading or watching apocalyptic fiction, the characters revert back to simpler, often out-dated, weaponry. Not just because bows and arrows are cool. But, so are swords. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around with a sword on their belt? Fight scenes look awesome, too. Just watch Star Wars if you don’t believe me.

The big thing in bow hunting has become the crossbow. And why not? They’re super cool. You have reusable ammo (cost efficient), easy of use, and they’re fun. Plus, they’ll come in handy during the zombie apocalypse.

From pinimg

So, maybe you don’t have the time to train to use a traditional bow and arrow, don’t want to spend money on bullets for traditional firearms, and don’t want to worry about finding bullets in the wild…well, look no further.

The best thing about swords? No ammo to collect or reuse. Just keep that blade sharp (be wary of frost) and remember to always, always keep the pointy end toward your opponent.

See the source image

From imgflip

But what if you want to amp up the cool factor? Really scare the life back into the undead? Crossbows are great, certainly. And swords a lot of fun. Of course, with a little ingenuity, you can combine medieval weapons with modern ones.

From imgur

Obviously super impractical. The sword probably won’t fly far, the draw length and weight are minimal, but the concept is quite awesome. Three ways to kill your opponent? Yes please!

  1. At close range in a sword fight.
  2. At distance with the rifle.
  3. From a slight distance away, with a flung sword.

Of course, you might get better results by throwing the sword.

So, in conclusion, the best way to prep for the future is to learn how to fight from the past. You’ll thank me later.

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Get Comfy In 2020

So, it’s 2020 and everyone’s making references to hindsight and rolling critical hits, what’s next or trying to make the new year great again, but all I can think about is when will the next Marvel movie come out?

It’s May.

And, it’s the Black Widow. Which looks pretty solid.

However, if you’re thinking that’s a long wait for something good, you’re right. But you’re also wrong. You can bring the good into your life.

There are books to read, other movies to watch, tons of shows to stream, and many video games to play, basically your couch is beckoning. So make sure that you’ve selected a good one. So that once you’ve claimed your spot, you can form the cushions into the shape of your body while you enjoy the good things in life.

There’s plenty of options, so this new year, do yourself a favor: choose a spot on your couch with a great view.

Of your TV.

You’ll thank me as you look back this time next year.

I’ll just say you’re welcome, now. “You’re welcome”.

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Star Wars

The final movie in the Skywalker Sage released just before Christmas. At least it’s billed as the final movie. Personally, I’d like to see more of Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8. And, honestly, while I know Disney and Lucasarts aren’t done with Star Wars, I doubt they’re done with the characters they developed in these three movies. Even if those movies have left the fan base and critics divided.

Most critics seem to enjoy Episode 8 while fans are vocal in their dislike of it. Yet, there are some people who actually liked Star Wars The Last Jedi. There are even those who think bringing back J.J. Abrams was a mistake. The opinions on Episode 9, however are reversed. Most fans adore it and critics despise it.

But, there’s one thing we can all agree on, the prequels aren’t that great. So, instead of focusing on what divides us, let’s come together and unite in a shared love of Star Wars.

Because, no matter how you slice it, Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker crushed it at the box office. And, you don’t need to have the Force to see into the future to know that winning like that only leads to more movies. Though some would like to see it take a break.

The nine movie adventure might have concluded, but the Force is still strong with us. And, we all long to wield lightsabers and move objects with our minds. Star Wars has become an iconic part of our society. And, personally, I think that’s great.


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Everyone’s Favorite Animal–The Rebel

I’m going to step away from Christmas for a moment to discuss something black and white. Everyone’s favorite living animal. The Panda.

Panda bears, as everyone knows, are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity. Everyone just thinks they’re picky. Like “I only date 10s.” or “I saw her eat the top of the bamboo stalk, who does that?” maybe even “Did you see his eyes because I sure didn’t.”

Do the zookeepers have pictures of all the panda bears in other zoos and show them around to see if there’s any interest? Is it like for pandas? Or more like Tinder? Can pandas even swipe left?

I mean, are these bears identical twins or just a mirror image (from

I can just imagine two zookeepers arguing over which picture to show their panda.

See the source image

Come one, there’s no way this one doesn’t get a reply (from Pinterest)

“She’s not a ten.” This is a ten!”

See the source image

It’s pretty obvious this one’s only after one thing… bamboo (from

“Are you crazy?”

Then, of course, a third zookeeper walks in and tells them that they’re holding up the same picture (Wow…just wow [Is there even a way to tell pandas apart?]).

See the source image

Are these twins? A mirror image? (from

Pandas are great, from being the ambassador for the World Wildlife Foundation to the national animal of China, they’re famous all over the world.

We’d all love to see more of the rascals.

See the source image

This one gets a fake number… with 5 digits (from

But, have you ever stopped to think about their name, though? The giant panda. Was their another one before. I don’t mean the red panda.

And, I didn’t know this until right this moment, but there are brown pandas, too.


(From Wikipedia)

All this [two minutes of] research has me wondering what’s the deal? Why don’t pandas like to reproduce in captivity? Are they freedom fighters? Do they not want their kids growing up in a zoo? I suppose, sure, no matter how nice the zoo, it’s still a large cage with all the bamboo a bear could ask for.

It just doesn’t have that same smell, atmosphere, freedom that the wild does. But, it is safer. At least for us humans to view them.

Or maybe the are just as picky as us humans when trying to settle down and start a family.

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Holiday Prep 101

Ah, the holidays. Is there a better time of year? That crisp, cool air. A snowflake or two. Hot cocoa. And the burning desire that I’ve forgotten something.

Right, presents.

Christmas is right around the corner. If you couldn’t tell by all the lights and holiday music, the ads will remind you. There’s no better time to shop than now. Unless you hate lines.

See the source image

The glory days (from

But, if you really need that last minute gift and you don’t have time for two day shipping there are a few things you need to do to prepare:

  1. Bundle up, it’s cold out there. Also, layers act like armor when someone tries to elbow you out of the way.
  2. Make a list. Check it twice. Don’t drop it. It’s your lifeline to knowing who you’ve bought for and who you still need to buy for; plus, it keeps you focused. In and out.
  3. Practice dodging around people at home so you get comfortable enough to weave through lines like an NFL running back.
  4. Smile at people. Friendliness this time of year throws people off their game and freezes them, allowing you to swerve around them and grab that coveted item on your list.
  5. Say “Merry Christmas!” people love it. Or they hate it. I’m not sure. I haven’t met everyone. Those that love it will feel kindly toward you and allow you to sneak through and get that item you’re longing for. Those that hate it will staunchly stand in your way, but while they’re ranting, you can dash around them and be one step closer to home.
  6. Start earlier next year. Seriously, if you haven’t started by now, it’s probably a wash. Throw in the towel and start over next year.
See the source image

Only a few weeks left (from

All I’m trying to say is, get out there, have fun, and remember what the season is all about.

…If you remember, let me know. I’m stuck in line waiting for that hot new toy to drop, with the holiday tunes drowned out by kids, parents, and grandparents crying.

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