Let’s Talk About the Games

We are starting Week 2 of the Summer Olympics and man have they been exciting so far! They inspire us to dream big, to set grand goals, to find a crush, to learn a new sport, to go for the gold!

But are we too critical of winning? Are we too concerned with only the gold? Do the other medals even matter? A quick look at the medal tally [as of this writing, Day 9] will see that while the USA has more medals, China is listed in the coveted first place because they have more golds.

From Instagram

Maybe that’s not fair, maybe it is. After all, if you can’t be the best, why even try?

…Is that the message we want to send to our Olympic athletes? To our Olympic hopefuls? To everyone watching at home? Apparently.

The way I see it, simply making it to the Olympics is a ridiculously incredibly huge accomplishment. Making it onto the podium should be lauded. Yes, gold medals are awesome. And the legacy behind them [for example, the Men’s 4×100 medley relay has always been won by the American swimmers] is important.

But just as important are the accomplishments of the athletes that qualify to compete no matter where they finish. And those that do medal, they return home champions.

But maybe that’s just my opinion.

America is (or should be) about more than gold medals. More than just wanting to be “the best of the best of the best, sir”.

Representing the country you love is an honor. And, those of us back home, should support all those who wear the red, white, and blue. If we love our country {warts and all}, then let’s show it by supporting those who are representing us on the world stage. Not just the gold medal winners, but each and every athlete who earned their spot by being the best at their sport at the Olympic Trials.

Even if it’s just for these two weeks, America can be united again. As we cheer on our athletes and applaud their accomplishments and let them know, when they return home, that they are respected and cherished. Not for their accomplishments but for who they are and the way they represented our great country with dignity, grace, poise, and courage.

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Living By Your Own Rules

So, it appears that we’re just creating our own rules now. We just do whatever we want and let other people figure it out.

The other day, as I was pulling up to the traffic light at the end of my street, I had a green signal and I prepared to turn left. Then a car raced right through the red light. They didn’t stop, pause, or even slow down.

Clearly red lights are for lesser mortals.

I mean, sure, what’s the harm? It’s not like traffic needs to be regulated.

If I live by my own rules and you live by yours, it’s okay. We’ll live and let live, right? But what happens when your rules impede mine or mine overlap yours? Who’s going to step in and tell us which rule supersedes which?

Obviously, I’d choose mine to overrule yours and you’d choose yours over mine. But do we duel to figure it out? Is there a poetry slam? Dance off? Rap battle? Maybe we just never interact with another person, that way there’s no possible chance of infringement.

Sure, that’d be ideal, but how practical is it really?

Well, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can work remotely and hardly ever interact with people. If it’s taught us two things, the other is that we really don’t like people as much as we knew we didn’t like them (…may more). If it taught us three things, it’s that fear will keep them in line.

So, live by your rules. Let’s see how well that works out for you.

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Tokyo or Bust

There are only 4 more days until the 2020 Olympics. And, like most of you, I’ve already got the list of competition times, channels, and events copied and added to my calendar. I’ve got my plans made to watch as many and as often as I can. My only regret is that I don’t have a TV in the bathroom so I’ll have to prop the door so I’ll still be able to hear the things going on [or dash in and out quick on commercial breaks like a crazy race horse].

See the source image
From olympics.com

I don’t know if it’s because we had to wait a year or because the Games are just phenomenal but Olympic fever is everywhere. People are definitely coming out in favor of their countrymen and cheering them on to win gold…or at least preparing to.

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of Opening Ceremony the Japanese have constructed for us this year. As our gracious hosts, I’m certain they won’t disappoint.

The games are a time to bring people together in front of a TV and cheer on your country to defeat rival countries.

{It’s like the Hunger Games but with more competitors and less killing.}

I hope you’ll join me from July 23 through August 9 to watch as some of the world’s best athletes strive for that coveted gold medal and seek a dream they’ve long waited for.

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Black Widow Proves Summer Movies Are Back

Black Widow opened this weekend and it was a major success for Marvel and Disney, overtaking the box office numbers of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Which is quite a phenomenal feat.

Sure, you could say that’s it’s the first big movie release post-Covid or that it’s the first Marvel movie released since…the last one (Spider-Man Far From Home) or that it’s the start of Marvel’s plans for Phase Four of their cinematic universe.

No matter how you slice it, however, it’s great to be able to back into a movie theater again and watch a kick butt movie.

From dmd.fandom.com

…Not that I went into a theater.

But still, it’s nice to see things slowly returning to normal. Disney and Marvel are returning to their previous dominance of the box office, people are watching new movies again, not just binge watching their favorite shows, and we’re all enjoying great summer movie weather.

This summer, at least here in the Mitten, has been cool and rainy. It’s like living in Seattle or England [I imagine]. But that, at least, allows us to enjoy the indoors without remorse and really kick back and sink into our favorite spot on the couch with a bag of popcorn and a cold beverage to enjoy a good movie.

Because not only can you watch Black Widow at a movie theater, you can also purchase it on Disney+. And that really seals it. When you cater to the crowd who’s gotten stir crazy and can’t wait to get out and enjoy life inside a movie theater and the crowd that still wants to enjoy the comforts of home, that’s a win-win.

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Independence Day 2021

Today we observe the Fourth of July, commemorating the freedoms we in America take for granted and often forget we have. We honor those who serve, have served, and will serve to protect the freedoms we hold dear. And we recognize those who have fought and who still fight to keep America free.

See the source image
I didn’t fact check the date (From Pinterest)

From the moment we chucked tea into the harbor until now, we have been a country fiercely cognizant of our freedoms. Whether freedom from taxes, freedom for religious reasons, or just your basic freedoms of oppression (sure, it took us longer in some areas, but The United States of America weren’t created overnight. They’re a work in progress).

We all know the story and, thanks to Hamilton (and countless other movies [including The Patriot], books, plays, etc.), some of the history of the war.

But freedom didn’t begin and end with the Revolutionary War.

So let’s never forget that while we sit and enjoy a lakeside barbecue watching fireworks many men and women have fought and continue to fight to maintain the freedoms we hold dear. So go to your favorite gun range and exercise your 2nd Amendment rights (or don’t, that’s your right, privilege, and choice), work hard to achieve your dreams, show others respect, and, most importantly of all, be proud to be an American.

{Remember, the Olympics are only a few weeks away. Let’s get ready to cheer on the good old US of A! Because the only thing better than living in America is winning the medal count and showing the world why we’re the best country ever. ‘Merica FTW!}

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