Monday = Fun Picture Day

Here are a few fun pics to start your Monday, and your week off right.

From Facebook
From Facebook

And then there’s this version of Harry Potter than might make you cringe.

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July The Forth Be With You

Happy Independence Day to the land of the free and the home of the brave!

There’s been a lot of talk recently by some that America is on a downward slide. That our freedoms are eroding and that our great democracy is slipping into fascism. But some have been saying that for years.

But they’re wrong. We don’t have a democracy. We have a democratic republic.

From Etsy

We like to think that freedom means we can do whatever we want, but that’s anarchy. We still have laws. We still have a government with checks and balances between the three branches [executive, legislative, and judicial], whatever you or the media/internet might think about how those branches are functioning currently{on life support}.

From AZQuotes

And so, on this day when we celebrate the birth of our great nation, I ask you to take a moment between bites of BBQ to reflect on the spirit of independence that gave birth to our great nation, to glance over the constitution, and ask yourself what you can do for your country.


Then grab a second helping of potato salad, watch fireworks, and enjoy a day
(or a few moments at least) away from the stress of life.

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Just Another Day?

Some days Monday just sneaks up on you. Other days, it smacks you in the face.


Sure, the weekend is fun, carefree, and, when there’s a Federal holiday on Monday, extra long. But those extra long ones really are rare and infrequent. Roughly once a month (I’m a banker, I should know). Why not increase those to once a week?

When every weekend is a three day weekend, none will be.


I mean, yes we could enjoy more time with the TV family but would it help everyone? Even now, not everyone gets Federal holidays off. Where’s the equality in that?

From Pinterest

Of course, everyone is all for the three day weekend, until you get back into the office on Tuesday. So really, Monday is the hero of the week. Taking the brunt of the workload, the criticism, and the scorn without any of the perks.

Without Monday, Tuesday would just be an extra packed day. So really, Monday just needs to say, “You’re welcome” to everyone and continue being itself.

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Happy Dad Jokes Day!

Yesterday was Father’s Day. So in celebration of the most important men in our lives: the fathers (step-fathers, foster fathers, and adoptive fathers), the uncles, the God fathers, the brothers, the spiritual fathers who’ve stuck with us, taught us, fought for us, encouraged us, and helped shaped who we are…

Well, how else would we celebrate?

Dad jokes.

From fathersdayweb
From 22 Words
From startthere
From thoughtco
From 98five
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In Memoriam

We have had amazing weather this three day weekend! As I sit here typing this, the sun is shining, the temperature is hot, and the birds are singing. It’s a glorious day. And yet, amidst all this natural grandeur, it’s easy to take the cost for granted.

It’s easy, while planning a day at the lake or deciding on a menu for grilling, to forget the reason for this long weekend.

Memorial Day.


Those men and women who died to defend our rights and the freedoms we enjoy.

Yes, sometimes it may seem like we go overboard or have too many freedoms. Other times, it feels like we take what we have for granted. Yet, through it all, one thing remains true: freedom came at a price.


We all long to be heroes. To have our names remembered long after we’re gone. Today is one day when we can do just that. We can celebrate and remember those who gave their all for a country they loved so that we who remain could enjoy the American dream.

The least we can do is honor them.

Not with a BBQ or fireworks, but the thanks of a grateful nation. Of taking even just a moment to pause during the festivities and parades and busyness of a long weekend to say thank you. To consider what our freedom cost.

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