The Trump Card

Everywhere I turn recently, I encounter more political news. Mostly about the Trump impeachment processes (or lack of progress)…though some is also about the Democrat Party candidates. Which makes me not excited for next year. Election years really have become the worst.

So, my question as I dabble among the interwebs is why hasn’t a formal impeachment process been started? The Dems claim that he needs to be impeached and that they have the votes to do it. The trial and investigation are ongoing? Of course, if you as Republicans, it’s just a sham anyway (but, I’d be miffed too if I couldn’t bring witnesses or evidence or question witnesses).

Maybe it just wouldn’t happen.

But, really, I think they just like knowing their opponent. They’re gearing their 2020 (with Barbara Walters?) campaigns around facing him. Sure, he didn’t use taxpayer money to fund his campaign last time and people like that…well, some people. Maybe jobs are up, wages are up, the jobless rate is down, and consumer spending is up, but that only tells one side of the story.

He’s still loud, brash, arrogant, egotistical, and uses Twitter way too often. I mean, that’s so 2009.

And, the manufacturing and retail industries are down. So, I mean, clearly, he’s got to go. After all, I heard he started the wildfire in California {too far}.

Really, with all the stuff that’s going on politically right now and it’s not even near the election. The Democrats still have 47 candidates to whittle down to just 1. Though I’m sure they’ll make it easy on us and tell us who to vote for just like last time [sorry, Berninators].

It’s like a Guess Who? game.


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Prep Time for Operation: Scare Row Begins

Guys, it’s almost here. Halloween. Spooky time is upon us. The days are shortening, the nights are lengthening, and black cats wander the neighborhood. …Though that’s a regular occurrence [We have a stray that the neighbors feed]. Still, it adds to the ambiance of October.

Freeforms’ running its 31 Nights of Halloween. And, everyone’s yearning to watch the classic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. Who doesn’t love a tale of Salem witches, talking cats, and hijinks? Sure, it came out before a lot of people were born, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie (Goonies holds up pretty well, too).

So pull out your skeletons, your ghosts, your severed limbs and decorate your house for the special trick or treat visitors who’ll arrive before you know it. Stock up on candy so the little zombies will leave with smiles instead of your brains.

Personally, I just hurl candy out the door and run, but we all have our own strategies.

It’s all about survival. At the end of the night, you want to be able to sprawl on the couch with a mostly empty bowl of candy and enjoy the last two pieces of candy without having to ration.

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Spider-Man’s Back!

The internet has been buzzing for the last forever with news about Spider-Man. When he was out of the MCU, my heart couldn’t take it. But things are better now.

As everyone heard over the weekend, Marvel and Sony reached a new deal to keep Spider-Man as part of the MCU. It, apparently, also allows Tom Holland to reprise his role in an additional Marvel movie and make cameos in Sony’s Spider-Man properties.

Tom Holland was notably excited.

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Of course, so were some of his costars. Including Elizabeth Olson. And Mark Ruffalo.

I mean, this really is great news. We get to continue the story lines and see more of the characters we know and love from the current batch of films.

Plus, more J. Jonah Jameson.

And the fans couldn’t be happier.

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Archery FTW!

Public Service Announcement: Archery is the best way to prepare for the apocalypse.

Sure, you might think the apocalypse is a long way off (and you might be right), but why chance it? It’s easy enough to pick up a bow and arrow and start practicing [far harder, if my experience is any indicator, of making the time to continually practice].

Maybe you think archery is too old to be cool. Or that you don’t need a bow when you have a gun. But, sometimes, you just need to be silent. Other times, you like reusable ammunition.

There are plenty of pros to archery. It’s good exercise. It’s fun. And, according to movies, TV, and books, you’re 100% more likely to survive against:

  1. See the source image

    From pursuenews.comZombies:

  2. Dinosaurs:
  3. The Hunger Games:

  4. Aliens:
  5. Robots:

So, out of the most likely scenarios, you’re pretty set for survival. And that doesn’t even mention the basic hunting skills that you can gain and the ability to quietly shoot wild game for dinner.

All I’m saying is, don’t discount the survive-ability of a teammate just because they have a bow and arrow. If the worst should happen, you should count your group lucky to have a member with a crossbow.

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I’m Going to Miss Spider-Man

I know what you’re going to say, I’m late to the party, but that’s only because I kept waiting to hear news the Disney would buy Sony (still not out of the question, right?). By now, most of us are aware that Disney and Sony have had a disagreement regarding the use of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the profits and cost Disney and Sony share from the Spider-Man movies, and Kevin Feige’s involvement.

It’s truly horrible. I was hoping for a Secret Wars movie,  to see Peter graduate in-universe (for the third time), and to watch how Peter succeeded followed was Tony Stark’s legacy.

I mean, who knows, it might still work out. Rumor is Disney and Sony might eventually go back to the table and discuss things…maybe.

See the source image


Then again, it could be an unmitigated disaster and all the hard work that’s gone into making Spider-Man great/successful/fun will be plucked away by corporate greed.

Only time will tell.

At least we got that Batman versus Spider-Man movie everyone wanted.

Honestly, I’m more surprised it wasn’t Superman versus Spider-Man.

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