Star Wars Is Back…Until It Isn’t

This weekend, at the Star Wars celebration, Disney unveiled the title for the new last movie in the saga. The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s the last movie in the new trilogy. The last movie for a few years (while the next trilogy and sequence of films is figured out) and the last Star Wars movie I’ll probably see.

If you don’t know, Lucasarts has hired Rian Johnson to direct the next trilogy. So, once J.J. Abrams reveals that Rey is a Skywalker, I suppose I’ll just sit back and watch as fans rip apart the next movie and dislike the next trilogy as much as they dislike The Last Jedi.

But, at least it looks like Rey will cut a TIE Interceptor in half with her lightsaber [too bad it’s not green {well, she didn’t lose a hand in Episode VIII, so…}]. Unless, of course, her cousin lover best friend enemy Kylo Ren is piloting. Then we’ll see something incredible happen through the power of the Force.

Luke’s back. Lando’s back. The Emperor’s back? What more could fans hope for? Guess we’ll find out after Christmas.


A new video game where we can play as Jedi.

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Say His Name


Well, unfortunately, I didn’t turn into a muscle-bound, fast-flying superhero of comic proportions, but Zachary Levi did. Over the weekend, Shazam! powered through the box office competition and earned over $53 million. Not to shabby. Especially considering it’s another Captain Marvel. Though Carol Danvers did do slightly better than Billy Batson at the box office.

(In case you didn’t know, Shazam was originally known as Captain Marvel while Captain Marvel was originally known as Ms. Marvel.)

It’s not too bad. I enjoyed it. Zachary Levi was believable as a kid in an adults body and likable in the role of the powered superhero. The ensemble cast of foster kids rounds out the movie and adds a bit of heart to an otherwise light-hearted romp through the classic superhero of the genre.

Young Billy Batson has big shoes to fill. Though, I’m honestly not sure how Asher Angel compares to Zachary Levi (does it matter?). Both, however, are great in their respective roles.

It really makes you wonder if we’ll see a sequel or if Shazam will appear alongside the likes of Wonder Woman [his crush] or Aquaman [his target for jokes] or Batman [his mentor] or Superman [his other mentor].

With the earlier success of Aquaman and DC hoping to build upon the success of Wonder Woman with the sequel Wonder Woman: 1984, we might just be able to turn this sinking ship around and get a Justice League people can watch for 10 years.

{Of course, we’re all a little leery about the new Joker movie.}

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Don’t Blame Me

Me *While playing Red Dead Redemption 2*: A snowstorm in May? Unrealistic.

Michigan: Hold my beer.

I guess spring is just pulling an elaborate April Fool’s prank. It started and then decided to skip right back around to the end of autumn. Probably because I was getting exciting to have my sunroof open and the windows down. My bad, fam.

I think it’s time we faced the truth. Winter isn’t leaving. We’re basically living in Ned Stark’s nightmare. He warned us. We didn’t listen. Now, we’re stuck in this perpetual snow.

I mean, sure, today it’s nice and sunny, but what day is it? April 1st. April Fool’s Day, people. Don’t let Mother Nature con you. Michigan winter is here to stay. Might as well get used to it.

It’s okay to be disappointed. I’m sure like me, you were ready for sun, shades, and the sweet, sweet warmth of summer. Maybe even some spring color instead of the oranges, red, and browns of autumn, cinnamon spice, and spray tans.

Maybe next year.

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That Time of Year Again

Some days, you just want to stay in the shower. Unfortunately, you can’t. The hot water runs out eventually. Sure, you can stand under the lukewarm water until it gets too cold to tolerate or you could start your day.

I prefer to chill.

Even if we just had the first day of spring, we all know what season it really is: pothole season.

It might just be better to stay home. If your job lets you work from home. Or you have vacation days accumulated. It’ll take the repair crews a few days to get everything sorted. And Mother Nature a few minutes to ruin all their hard work.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

the crows are circling. Even they know.

But, that’s just the way it goes some days in the Midwest. We complain about winter because it’s too cold. We complain about spring because it wrecks our cars. We complain about summer because it’s too hot. We complain about autumn because we have to rake leaves. If we aren’t complaining, we’re dead.

So, sure, it might be easier to stay in bed, but where’s the adventure in that? Where’s the fun of bouncing along the road? Where’s your sense of danger?

Safely tucked away next to my wallet to remind me just how much a bent rim can cost.

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Captain Marvel Crushes Movie-goers

Captain Marvel had a healthy box office (after just Friday) opening this weekend (beating projections). Which is awesome because it was a fantastic movie.

She might just be the hero the Avengers need after the beat down Thanos gave them.

Personally, I really enjoyed it. But, Carol Danvers has long been one of my favorite Marvel heroes [so no one’s really surprised I liked it]. Even if there was a cat in it. Not that cat’s are bad, but sometimes they just do what they want {other times, they are asleep (so…doing what they want?)}.

It did, however, leave me with a few questions:

  1. Are Yondu and Yon-Rogg related?
  2. Why are some Kree blue and others white?
  3. If a Skrull can be anyone, how do I know I’m not one? Or you’re not one?

It may not silence the haters or keep people from wondering if there’s such a thing as super hero fatigue (also known as: too much of a good thing). It did leave us with a good story from the 90s and hope that we finally have a superhero in the MCU who can stand toe-to-toe with Thor. Something not even Thanos could do.

Now, I’m just hoping for a sequel.

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