Mistborn: An Epic Fantasy

Sorry I didn’t post Monday (not that anyone noticed {or cared}). I got caught up reading the last 25% of Mistborn. And, as anyone who’s read Brandon Sanderson before will tell you, that’s where his books grip you and don’t let go.

I know, you’re probably shocked that I’ve only just read Mistborn, I’m late to the party, what can I say (better late than never?)?

Image result for mistborn

I think that about sums it up

I wouldn’t say that I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. After all, Mr. Sanderson is an excellent outstanding author. However, I will say that for a while, I didn’t think I would like the book. There wasn’t anything specific about it to dislike, it was a solid three stars throughout. That last quarter, however, is five star material. But, it’s all thanks to the build-up. The twists wouldn’t make sense without the foreshadowing. The layers of depth hidden in conversations and seemingly unimportant events. I honestly feel like you need to read Mistborn as though it’s a mystery novel. Searching for clues, leaving nothing unnoticed.

And, while it is part of a series, the main plot wraps up completely. There are a few strings left dangling, but nothing central to this story’s plot. It feels like a satisfying place to end [to me].

The magic system was cool new and well though out; even if swallow metal is probably bad for my health, the chance to fly by pushing myself off coins scatter on the ground or pulling myself toward metal skyscrapers is enticing.

Image result for mistborn allomancy

Probably shouldn’t try this at home

Also, there may or may not be a Mistborn movie in the works. So, if you haven’t read it yet, pick it up before the movie comes out so you can gloat to your friends about how much better the books are and/or complain how they cut or shortened (ruined in general) your favorite scene.

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How Do You Like Your Dinosaurs?

As our knowledge of dinosaurs evolves, our images of them begin to change. We used to think they stood upright or had splayed hips. As paleontologists began discovering more and more fossil remains, we learned new and surprising things.

Not quite the menacing protagonist of Jurassic Park.


Now we know that some dinosaurs had feathers (mostly black or really dark gray {like Batman?}).  Though some scientists want to add feathers to every dinosaur [well, every dinosaur of the same type].

feathered ornithomimid

Feeling menaced yet?



Some dinosaur fans prefer their dinosaurs scaly, others feathery.


accurate dinosaur

Isn’t this Psittacosaurus cute?

The real question is, how do you like your dinosaurs?

Me? I prefer them well-done.

trex egg.jpg

Or as plastic, on my desk

…Until we grow them in a lab. Then I’d sign up to adopt one. Sure, it might kill me, but it’d be totally worth it. After all, how many people could tell St. Peter at the pearly gates that a dinosaur killed them? {Besides Adam and Eve? (wow)}

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Firefly: The Quickest Way to Prove Your Nerd-Cred

In case you missed it, Joss Whedon’s Firefly, has been popping up all over the place. If you arrived early enough during a screening of Logan, and where observant, you noticed the posters behind Deadpool [my brother pointed them out to me].

You’re welcome

Browncoats are pretty much everywhere these days. Not quite as rampant as Potterfiles (Potterheads), Trekkies, and Star Wars enthusiasts, but, still, pretty mainstream. And their numbers keep growing. Which is great.

…Just imagine how large the fandom would be if the show had more than 11 14 episodes.


Too soon?

Which brings us to today’s cornucopia of nerdiness: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Imagine if you will, a world where a single video game rules them all. It binds us together. We can become more than crude matter. Obviously, you’d fly around space in your favorite ship. Some characters use the Enterprise [and all her variants], others X-Wings, and others Serenity. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without someone flying around the gaming galaxy in Voltron.

The main character, Wade, prefers to fly a Firefly-class transport,the Vonnegut, with an X-Wing inside the cargo bay. And that, really, tells you all you need to know about him.

Now, if that’s not enough to make to salivate and yearn to read this amazing amalgam of awesome, let me sum up the story.

Wade basically is a treasure hunter. He–along with most of the other players in the game–hopes to find and crack the hidden clues rumored to be left inside the game by its creator. However, the corporation running the game gets wise to the hunt and trails Wade, wanting the treasure for themselves.

Okay, so maybe you’re not a fan of the 80’s or like pop-culture references in your novels. I bet you do like having a step up on your friends.

So, be sure to read a copy before the movie comes out. That way, you can sophisticated point out the difference and remark how much better the book is (though with Steven Spielberg directing and John Williams composing that’s a tall order).

Remember, folks, you (probably) heard it first somewhere else.

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Ways to Prove the Earth Isn’t Flat

There’s been a lot of arguing speculation  lately that the world might in fact be flat. That’s ludicrous. Here’s why:

  1. No one’s fallen off (that we know of)
  2. I’ve yet to meet Rincewind [or hear rumor of his exploits]
  3. I think the International Space Station would have, by now, returned pictures of the elephants balanced on the turtle’s back.
  4. Has anyone stumbled across Luggage?
  5. I’ve yet to meet Moist von Lipwig {though we do use paper money…}
Image result for discworld

Not an image from Hubble…unfortunately

Reasons it’s still plausible:

  1. Can anyone prove golems aren’t the standard by which our currency is based?
  2. The Hogfather is remarkably similar to Santa Claus
  3. A magical force could keep us contained upon the disc and, therefore, safe from falling off it
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The Truth About Wolverine [The World May Never Know (Or Care)]

We live in a time where everyone’s truth is equally valid. My truth is mine and works for me. Your truth is yours and works for you. How are you supposed to argue? Who knows who wins and who’s right?

It’s awful.

For instance, my friend thinks that Wolverine’s healing factor is practically limitless. Logan should age so slowly that he outlives the time-traveling Cable.

Wolverine after Nitro exploded.

Me, I think that the adamantium that’s crafted to his skeleton slowly poisons him and he will eventually age and die. Just a bit slower than normal.

Not quite as scary as one-handed Wolverine, though.

And who’s to say who’s right? Evidence can be cited to support both claims (well, you’re arguing about comic books, so… [ahem, graphic novels (whatever)]).

Wolverine. Wolverine always wins.

What do you think? Do you prefer Old Man Logan or would you rather see Wolverine stumbling along as the last human on the planet (because he killed everyone?) still looking like he did back in Incredible Hulk #180?

I know, this is #181, but he only had a cameo in #180.


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