Lent is Coming

It’s almost here, everyone’s favorite day of the year. Paczki Day! I love packzi [maybe a little too much]. The tradition of stuffing your face before you hibernate give up talking to people start trying to remember your New Year’s resolutions for forty days.

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From me.me

Everyone knows that Lent is the time when we give something up {because no one will stop moaning about how awful it is to not drink Coke while they’re drinking Sprite}.

It’s a great time to disconnect from Facebook. No one will even notice since we’re all giving up social media (honestly, that only lasts the first 30 minutes).

It’s not really so bad. For instance, this year, I think I’ll give up hanging out with people I don’t like. Simple, easy to remember. Plus, I get the chance to really free up my life from attachments I don’t really want. You know, things that don’t bring me joy.

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Just remember, whatever you give up, please tell the world every chance you get. If you don’t, you’re not doing Lent right.

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Please No. Election Coverage Has Already Begun.

Everyone: I hate paying taxes.
Also everyone: Yay! Socialism!

Me: Guys…

I just wanted a break. A nice long three and a half years. That was too much to ask.

Everyone’s all excited about the Democrat party releasing a few names that might run for president next year and I’m over here like, “Who’re the Republicans putting in?” Not that it really matters since both sides hate each other and every candidate thus far is farther extreme than the next.

I just want a moderate candidate. Someone who likes America but knows it could be tweaked to be better. Someone who isn’t all about taking the people’s money and growing governmental control over our everyday lives. Someone who might actually enjoy freedom rather than the idea of freedom.

And, honestly, I don’t understand the appeal of socialism. Hasn’t anyone done a quick Google search for Venezuela? That’s not some past event we can gloss over. It happened recently and is still happening. They are left devastated.

It’s odd that election season starts the after the last president wins. Sure, politicians need to solidify alliances, gather money, win over lobbyists, make deals, work on their golf swing, stall the opposite party’s bills and deals and plans. But what we really should look at is a politician’s record. Have they gone to work? Have they done anything at work?

Because chatting beside the water cooler doesn’t cut it. If I get knocked points on my performance review for it, so should politicians. I mean, they only work like 4 days a year. It’s not that hard to buckle down and pass a budget.

From Wikipedia:

On January 25, President Trump announced his support for a three-week funding measure that would reopen the government until February 15. The deal, which also moved forward with long-term Department of Homeland Security funding, did not include funds for a wall.[111] As expected, the agreement provides federal employees with back pay.[112] Both the Senate and House of Representatives passed the funding measure by voice vote, sending the resolution to the President’s desk.[113] Trump signed the bill the same day, ending the shutdown.[114]

…Well, this is awkward.

Maybe that’s why people like candidates who are outside Washington D.C.

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Life Gets Tough, Laugh At It

Sometimes life’s a thrill ride. You just never want to get off. Every thing’s going great. You feel awesome. Work’s good. Life’s a breeze.

Other times, you’re just along for the ride. You feel trapped. Stuck. You can’t get off.

Well, that’s why you just need to laugh with the punches. Or hope for a better tomorrow. Or fight back. I’m not really sure what’s the right response for you.

Sometimes, though, it’s just nice to look at the simple things and relax a bit.

It’s important to take into account the small miracles, the big accomplishments, and the ordinary stuff that no one ever considers important but we all do anyway (like pay taxes?). We’re all in this together. We’re stuck with one another. Might as well enjoy the ride. Make each other laugh. And, maybe, figure out a way to relax.

You have the power to change your situation, to relax and take a moment for yourself, or to run full steam at a challenge and tackle it head-on.

So get out there and make America great {again [well, it’s already pretty great]}!

Or don’t. Your call. (Like, maybe you’re not from America; so, go out and make Canada or Poland or Mexico or Afghanistan or Argentina or Australia or Europe [um…? (meant, England [sure])] great!)

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A Nice Thursday Holiday Upcoming

As most of us are aware, Thursday is Valentine’s Day. When we celebrate the massacre the saint love. Or maybe just chocolate and greeting cards.

Not bad things. Unless you’re counting calories or allergic. But if chocolate is a bean and beans are good for you (filled with protein right?) then chocolate is a necessary good in your life.

I’m just waiting for the year that February 14th is Fat Tuesday. That will be a Mardi Gras to remember. … if any revelers can.

So, if you weren’t aware, you are now. [You’re welcome for the reminder, by the way.] And I hope you enjoy it however seems best to you. Alone. With that special someone. With good friends. With a bunch of strangers. With family.

Someone will have a hot date (from brandchannel.com)

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New Year’s Resolution Update

So, we all [probably] made New Year’s Resolutions. How are they going for you? Anyone forget about them yet? I usually get to about February or March and just give up. Not always on purpose. Sometimes I just forget or get busy and haven’t been doing it long enough for it to become a habit yet.

Once, though, I tried something that only lasted a few weeks. I don’t even think I made it out of January. I wanted to wish Happy Birthday to everyone one of my Facebook friends. Let me tell you, there are a lot of birthdays during the year [or just January]. It wasn’t exhausting, I just felt bad if I got busy and missed a day or a person and nervous if I hadn’t spoken to the person since grade school. Now, though, I can’t imagine trying it with the political sphere someone might think I’m trying to spread some diabolical message.

This year, I resolved not to have any resolutions. Instead just try to take each day as it comes. Maybe work on a few self-improvement projects, but if they weren’t resolutions, I didn’t feel the guilt when I lapsed. At least, that was the theory.

So far, I haven’t really done much different. 2019 has been a cold one and I’ve spent my free time under a blanket reading and writing. Not a bad way to start the year. Though, I did shoot a pretty decent score [for me] in archery this year. So far so good, I guess.

Plus, I don’t feel bad for forgetting someone’s birthday because let’s be honest, I’m going to forget a lot of birthdays, even when Facebook reminds me. Because I’ll see the notification and think, “I should write something” then a notification under it for a funny meme and then I’m lost in the void of the interwebs.

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