We’re Nearly There

It’s been so hot the past few weeks, you’d think that we’re in the middle of summer, not the beginning of autumn.

My house, however, knows. Candy corn is flowing. Skeletons are peering out of closets, itching to return to their places of honor around the house. No matter what the thermostat reads, it’s Halloween season (almost).

The best holiday of the year is right around the corner, y’all (according to some). And you know what that means. Stranger Things season 2 is almost out! [And, to a lesser degree of excitement, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales].

My Netflix is primed. My couch is properly conformed to my body. The pillows plumped to accommodate a long binge of episodes. School? Work? Food? No of that matters during the binge…well, except maybe food (Pizza makes deliveries). I move as little as possible. It’s great!

A vacation away from the stress of adulting. A time of enjoyment around a glowing tube {that may or may not contain an actual tube}. What’s better than watching Stranger Things alone in semi-darkness?

Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.

(Said like someone without friends [Not to worry, I’ve got that covered. My army of skeletons will keep my company my brother watches with me]).

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Happy (Belated) Unification Day!

In case you weren’t aware, yesterday was Unification Day. The day the Alliance won the war and the ‘Verse stopped fighting among itself.

Some Browncoats buy a new copy of Firefly or Serenity every year on U-Day (what do they do with all those copies? {Give them to the less fortunate? [Like those who’ve never seen Serenity or Firefly? {Those people don’t exist, they’re like people who don’t like Halloween or neighbors (I think you mean mermaids {no, those exist})}]}).

I hope you had an excellent U-Day, watched a lot of the adventures of Mal, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Book, Jayne, Simon, and River. Or just relaxed and imagined yourself flying around in your own piece of sky where everything’s shiny.

Remember, U-Day is a time to spend with old friends reminiscing, showing new friends the wonders of the ‘Verse, and spending time with the ones you love (or starting a bar fight).


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Remember to be Heroes

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It’s odd to think that so much time has passed and yet we are still mostly the same. Don’t get me wrong, as a nation, we’re strong, resilient, and committed to remembering the sacrifices of those who gave their lives and that’s all for the good. Yet, our individual lives are still mostly the same in the everyday. We go to work, we do homework, we struggle through the drudgery of the mundane.

It’s good to remember the heroes in our own lives. Whether large or small, someone cares for you and that’s a pretty great thing even by itself. But, more than that, we can be heroes in the lives of other people simply by being there for them. No matter the distance, no matter how hard it gets, no matter the personal cost.

We can all be heroes, even for just one day or just one moment. It only takes a kind word, a little appreciation, and the small effort of focusing on someone else for the span of a blink of the eye.

Also, yesterday happened to be the World Suicide Prevention Day and we should take a moment to reflect on how we, as human beings and as a society, can help those who struggle either secretly or openly with their mental health.

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A Day of Rest

Ah, Labor Day. The final hurrah of summer. The last guardian of relaxation and rest before the hustle and bustle of autumn (and, boo, school). It’s a nice time away from work to contemplate the mysteries of why we actually work instead of lounging around the house in pajamas all day.

Seriously. Why?

Is it not better to relax than to toil? Is it not better to rest than to sweat?

Of course, my muscles [and bank account] would disagree. But as a great man once said, “Work is for man, not man for work”. So don’t feel guilty about enjoying a three day weekend. Don’t worry about what tomorrow may or may not hold. Just enjoy the moment, the little things that we can appreciate. Like pennies. They may be gone before you know it.

Even God took one day off.

So enjoy yourself. Take a nap. Heck, take two. Even three. Enjoy time outside in the beauty and wonder of nature. Play video games. Watch a movie. Take your dog for a walk. Toss a ball with your son. Have a tea party with your daughter. Go for a drive. Read a book. Play a game. Learn an instrument.

Or just do whatever.

Except shop. Today should be a time of stress-free, carefree adventure. No one wants to go to the store on their adventure. That’s the most boring part of Dungeons & Dragons. No one finds the vorpal sword +2 sitting on the self of some random NPC’s shop. It’s hidden in a locked {and trapped} chest in a cave guarded by some hideous monster {a jabberwocky, perhaps?}.

So go out, slay the beast, and claim your sword. At least you’ll have a tale worth telling the next time you stop in a village to restock at the local market (instead of another smarmy pick-up line).

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Always Wear Sunscreen

Here’s your friendly, end of summer reminder: Sunscreen helps support healthy skin.

So wear it. Yeah. Wear it. Wear that funky stuff.



Chad and Lize

What’s the worst thing about sunburn? The puns.

Look, we’re all a part of this Earth. Sure, the moon might’ve covered the sun for a few moments last week (can you get eclipse burn {only on your retinas}), but that doesn’t mean that the sun didn’t return. The sun did return.

I’m really bad about wearing sunscreen. I figure one application per day is enough. But that’s just me. I like looking like a boiled lobster.

Some of us humans are lucky enough to have naturally resilient skin. The rest of us hiss and glare at the sun the moment it rises and our skin starts to smoke.

So, if you’re a vampire, stay out of the sun. Everyone else, apply liberally (does that mean start on your left side?).

Also, yeah, I might’ve gone to Cedar Point on Saturday. If you saw me there, awesome. I only went with like a million of my closest acquaintances. Standing in line isn’t so bad when you’ve got fun ride buddies. Or downloaded the Cedar Point mini game app.


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