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Advice from the {Dystopian} Future

{Maybe you’re looking around right now and wondering if there’s any hope left. Maybe you think that any day now, the world will devolve into chaos and anarchy. I’m hear to tell you, you’re right.} If reading science fiction books … Continue reading

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Turns Out, I’m Still Afraid of the Dark

Monday must be our day to lose power. We lost power last week Monday [or was it Tuesday? I can’t remember. Let’s say it was Monday, otherwise, this article doesn’t work as well] and again this morning. I guess, that’s … Continue reading

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Must’ve Been a Slow Day in the Newsroom

A lot of the news articles floating around the internet make me wonder if SNL, The Onion, or other humor outlets are, in fact, in charge of writing articles. I’m not talking about click-bait titles, headlines, and descriptions meant to … Continue reading

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Star Wars Days

The next two days are a celebration of all things Star Wars. Dust off your LARPing gear, polish your card sleeves, and prepare to expand your universe. Today, let’s revel in all things light side. Bath in the glow of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Marathon

TL;DR Great date idea: LEGO Batman released over the weekend. Whoa, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Really snuck up on me. I suppose that’s what happens when you don’t often think about a holiday manufactured by greeting card companies (only single people … Continue reading

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