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Dr. Ken (Reportedly) Willing to “Take One for the Team”

As most of us know, patriot America’s true favorite comedy was cancelled last week. ABC decided to not renew Last Man Standing, the long-running sitcom of conservative comic Tim Allen. The reason was obvious. Recently, the media mogul {who own, Disney, … Continue reading

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Mistborn: An Epic Fantasy

Sorry I didn’t post Monday (not that anyone noticed {or cared}). I got caught up reading the last 25% of Mistborn. And, as anyone who’s read Brandon Sanderson before will tell you, that’s where his books grip you and don’t let … Continue reading

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Firefly: The Quickest Way to Prove Your Nerd-Cred

In case you missed it, Joss Whedon’s Firefly, has been popping up all over the place. If you arrived early enough during a screening of Logan, and where observant, you noticed the posters behind Deadpool [my brother pointed them out to me]. … Continue reading

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World Building: Bending and Breaking

Well, here we are, another Monday.  Another blank stare.  Another idea for a story.  …Or an old one that I really enjoy. I’ve been wondering how deep to delve into the cockatrice’s perspective.  I mean, does he think the same … Continue reading

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Staring into the Abyss

Sometimes, the blank page seems like the whitest of black holes (great, now we’re whitewashing science).  It’s scary, takes your breath away, and pulls all light hope from you.  But that’s okay. We all have something to overcome.  For me, … Continue reading

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