Don’t Worry, Eat Happy

Lately, I find myself overthinking things. Instead of stuffing my face with hamburger, I wonder how many calories it has. Then wonder why I care. If it’s dinner, it’s dinner. Might as well enjoy it. But can you really enjoy empty calories? (At the risk of being obvious… YES!)

Life is full of empty calories. I’ve enjoyed quite a few handfuls of chips, bowls of ice cream, sticks of celery […wait, those just taste like empty calories…I mean water]. And who doesn’t want cake on their birthday? (Or a Monday?)

It’s easy to get bogged down at the table by stuffing your face, even with full calories {one nice thing about empty calories is that they don’t count toward your daily caloric intake (um…not sure that’s how they work)}.

Why worry? In the end round is still a shape. Even if it’s not the shape you were trying to get into, at least you achieved your goal. And that’s half the battle.

The other half is making goals, but I think we’ve done enough for one day. No need to strain ourselves. In fact, I think we’ve done such a swell job, it’s time for a cookie break. All this typing has to have burned at least 100 calories. It’s like half a calorie per word, right?

Man, I should write more often. I’d be as skinny as … someone who writes a lot of words every day.



About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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1 Response to Don’t Worry, Eat Happy

  1. Virginia says:

    Oh oh oh – how nice it would be if fruits & veggies could be transported into potato chips (veggie chips are not quite the same crunchy munch!) 🤣🍎🥦🍊🥒🍟🤪

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