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Welp, It’s Here Again (Almost)

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras. We run around chasing beads on string instead of dollars in the air. We stuff our faces with everything we can get our hands because, why not? The day after, we can’t have fun, can’t make … Continue reading

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Super Bowl and Marvel

So, I guess a sports thing happened last night. Superbowl Lie. Everyone thought it’d go one way, but it went another. I’m not going to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet (you’re welcome), but it was … Continue reading

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Superheroics Missed

So, the other day I avoided a chance to become a superhero [you’re welcome, Mom]. My mom alerted me to a bank robbery/hostage situation near me [so, clearly she wanted me to intervene (um, her name isn’t Martha)], but my … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions?

Welp, here we are a brand new year. Out with the old, right? No matter how good or how terrible 2017 was, it’s gone, over now. You made it to 2018. Personally, I’m still waiting for self-lacing shoes. Are you … Continue reading

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Walking in a Halloween Wonderland

It’s the time of year when you sit at home, build a fire in somewhere in your house (hopefully, in the fireplace {a functional one}) and set chestnuts on it to roast–wait, Halloween’s tomorrow–better use pumpkin seeds. The crisp air, … Continue reading

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