About Me

Novelist, Nerd, Nouveau Knight(?)

I wish I could say something cool as an introduction like, “The name’s Kreucher, Ben Kreucher.”  But that’s been done to death [and, I’m not in action hero shape].

So, I’ll just say, “Hi, I’m Ben (Hi Ben).  And I’m a writer (false sincere applause).”

Sometimes I feel writers need support groups, just like AA (though, some writers might be in AA); that’s probably why we have writing groups and book clubs.  And we feel we have to keep it hidden (until we start making money writing).

So yeah, some things about me: Um…I live in Michigan, went to college in Ohio (traitor), joined a fraternity, and like to make people laugh.  I write more than just humor, dabbling in science fiction, fantasy adventures, screenplays, and comic books.  But, mostly, I just write.

Hopefully you find my musings a quarter  a third half  as funny as I do.

[If you do, maybe you might want to consider feigning interest in my other hobby author website.]


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