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I Guess Showbiz Really Is A Harsh Mistress

This past weekend was pretty crazy, many television stations announced which shows they were keeping and which they weren’t (it was also Mother’s Day {hope no one forgot [I got cookies from my mom (that’s not how that’s supposed to … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Marathon

TL;DR Great date idea: LEGO Batman released over the weekend. Whoa, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Really snuck up on me. I suppose that’s what happens when you don’t often think about a holiday manufactured by greeting card companies (only single people … Continue reading

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Things We Consider Facts, But Are Just Theories

These days many of us cling to knowledge like an umbrella in a rainstorm.  But how much of what we know is really just educated guesses? The Theory of Gravity Yes, it’s a theory.  Sure, you can toss a ball … Continue reading

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The Big Bang Theory Whimper

Don’t get me wrong, I really love The Big Bag Theory; however, I think they made a mistake. Last week, before the show aired on Thursday, it was announced that Sheldon and Amy would get back together (well, actually, hook-up, … Continue reading

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Official First Day of Fall

It’s Monday and all the new shows are popping up.  Old favorites are starting their new season.  Magic is in the air.  You can just tell it’s going to be a great day night. Breathing in the crisp air, I … Continue reading

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