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Summer of Sun

This is the time of year when us white folk really shine. Summer sunlight pricks our delicate skin and leaves us radiant. Like a tomato on the vine or freshly bleached undershirt. The only thing worse than walking outside in … Continue reading

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And Now…?

The Olympics ended. School is starting. Summer, where’d you go? Life consists of hurry up and wait moments. What we do while we wait matters.  I prefer to nap. Some people juggle geese.  So, what will you do? We just … Continue reading

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Thumbs: Better Than Tongues

Sometimes, I think telemarketers have me lo-jacked.  I walk in the door, the phone rings.  I’m about to leave, the phone rings.  I wake up in the morning, the phone rings…sometimes, it even wakes me up.  It should be illegal … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Super Quick

So, I assume that you, like everyone else, watched the Super Bowl last night (for the commercials).  And the Pepsi halftime show (for the commercials) with Katy Perry (for the boobs commercials). If so, you might have noticed why Katy … Continue reading

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Imagination Is Unnecessary

Idleness and daydreams are the children born of imagination.  Kids these days need none of those.  They need to be grounded in provable facts, like 1+1=2 (though how you get there with Common Core math is anyone’s guess).  Kids shouldn’t … Continue reading

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