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Superheroics Missed

So, the other day I avoided a chance to become a superhero [you’re welcome, Mom]. My mom alerted me to a bank robbery/hostage situation near me [so, clearly she wanted me to intervene (um, her name isn’t Martha)], but my … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman Rises

Before I went to see Wonder Woman, I had already heard it heralded as the best of the latest DC movies (not exactly setting a high bar there). After I saw it, I agreed. Diana, Princess of Themyscira, entered [re-entered] … Continue reading

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Staring into the Abyss

Sometimes, the blank page seems like the whitest of black holes (great, now we’re whitewashing science).  It’s scary, takes your breath away, and pulls all light hope from you.  But that’s okay. We all have something to overcome.  For me, … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Depressed Protagonists Gone?

Books are filled with characters who know exactly what they need to do.  They have a defining moment and understand the truth of their situation and respond without hesitation. Is that how life’s supposed to work?  Then, my hero sense … Continue reading

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What If? Superman Edition

I’ve been thinking recently (it’s a new habit): what if Superman really were as apathetic as the Five For Fighting song “Superman” makes him seem [at least the first line]? I mean, would he just sit back and watch the … Continue reading

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