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A Life Well-Lived?

Ever since my last post, people (read: no one) have been asking me for more advice. The most common question is, “How do I know if someone likes me?” Great question. I have no idea. Sorry. My go to move … Continue reading

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Merica: Retro Chic

Happy birthday, America  [a day early {to the only America that matters}]. If the fireworks weren’t a dead giveaway, the Tigers’ uniforms over the weekend should’ve been.  Sure, Canada celebrated its birth, too and, yes, they may think they’re the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Thanks

Too often we take for granted our freedom.  We have the remarkable ability to do whatever we want.  We go to work (and can hate our job), we go to dinner (and can hate the cook), we get married (and … Continue reading

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