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Sometimes You Just Have to Write a Song for Your Crush

Ah Loki, everyone’s favorite villain turned Hulk-punching bag turned puny god turned anti-hero turned villain? turned escapee. It’s okay to like him. Everyone does. Some people even really like him. Like, like like him. And that’s cool. I mean, I … Continue reading

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If You’re Not Angry, You’re Not America-ing Right.

There’s a lot of opportunities these days to be angry, offended, or outraged and scandalized. It seems the only way to recognize an American is by how loud they’re yelling about something whether real or imaginary. It seems the only … Continue reading

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New Year, Same Me

Here’s the thing, I’m really great at putting my foot in my mouth. Sometimes, it’s my whole leg up to the knee. Maybe it’s a problem. Maybe I’m just used to it and have learned to talk around it. Basically, … Continue reading

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Ewoks Vs. Ren

So, I recently watched Solo for the first time [not as terrible as I assumed based on the almost universal panning of the film]. It’s actually pretty decent and not a shabby entry in Star Wars canon. Not quite as … Continue reading

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Fall Days Are The Best [For Cider]

The nice thing about gloomy autumn weather is that it’s perfect for a spooky feeling for Halloween. You never know what might be crawling around in the mist that hovers over the ground or the fog that blinds your path … Continue reading

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