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A Day of Rest

Ah, Labor Day. The final hurrah of summer. The last guardian of relaxation and rest before the hustle and bustle of autumn (and, boo, school). It’s a nice time away from work to contemplate the mysteries of why we actually … Continue reading

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Must’ve Been a Slow Day in the Newsroom

A lot of the news articles floating around the internet make me wonder if SNL, The Onion, or other humor outlets are, in fact, in charge of writing articles. I’m not talking about click-bait titles, headlines, and descriptions meant to … Continue reading

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Star Wars Days

The next two days are a celebration of all things Star Wars. Dust off your LARPing gear, polish your card sleeves, and prepare to expand your universe. Today, let’s revel in all things light side. Bath in the glow of … Continue reading

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Firefly: The Quickest Way to Prove Your Nerd-Cred

In case you missed it, Joss Whedon’s Firefly, has been popping up all over the place. If you arrived early enough during a screening of Logan, and where observant, you noticed the posters behind Deadpool [my brother pointed them out to me]. … Continue reading

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Perhaps Obi-wan Was Wrong?

Sure, Mos Eisley had it’s problems (droid discrimination, bar fights, spies); but it never pretended to be something it wasn’t.  It knew it was home to bounty hunters, smugglers, Jawas, and all sorts of unsavory characters.  It was also a … Continue reading

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