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Always Wear Sunscreen

Here’s your friendly, end of summer reminder: Sunscreen helps support healthy skin. So wear it. Yeah. Wear it. Wear that funky stuff.     Look, we’re all a part of this Earth. Sure, the moon might’ve covered the sun for … Continue reading

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Advice from the {Dystopian} Future

{Maybe you’re looking around right now and wondering if there’s any hope left. Maybe you think that any day now, the world will devolve into chaos and anarchy. I’m hear to tell you, you’re right.} If reading science fiction books … Continue reading

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America: Still Status Quo?

Donald Trump is a uniter. There’s no denying that fact. He’s uniting a country against him. To be fair, going in, we knew who ever won would be the least liked president ever. Who knows what kind of president he’ll … Continue reading

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Second Day of Spring = Snow

I shouldn’t be surprised.  It snowed yesterday, too.  I guess that’s just global warming for you (right, Al?).  Or maybe it’s just Michigan.  Stubbornly determined to avoid change.  Stubbornly defiant in the face of reason. Maybe that’s what makes Michigan, … Continue reading

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