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Wonder Woman Rises

Before I went to see Wonder Woman, I had already heard it heralded as the best of the latest DC movies (not exactly setting a high bar there). After I saw it, I agreed. Diana, Princess of Themyscira, entered [re-entered] … Continue reading

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The Truth About Wolverine [The World May Never Know (Or Care)]

We live in a time where everyone’s truth is equally valid. My truth is mine and works for me. Your truth is yours and works for you. How are you supposed to argue? Who knows who wins and who’s right? … Continue reading

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Nerd Rage: Kings of the Hood Edition

We all know that there are two competing comic book characters vying for the title of archer supreme…don’t we?  I’m talking about Green Arrow and Hawkeye, of course.  They’re both sweet.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to fight crime with … Continue reading

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