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Superheroics Missed

So, the other day I avoided a chance to become a superhero [you’re welcome, Mom]. My mom alerted me to a bank robbery/hostage situation near me [so, clearly she wanted me to intervene (um, her name isn’t Martha)], but my … Continue reading

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I Guess Showbiz Really Is A Harsh Mistress

This past weekend was pretty crazy, many television stations announced which shows they were keeping and which they weren’t (it was also Mother’s Day {hope no one forgot [I got cookies from my mom (that’s not how that’s supposed to … Continue reading

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Summer Without Superheroes…On TV

We’ve just had a lot of finales.  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, Flash (and Gotham last week).  Where does that leave us? Well, Oliver retired.  Barry teamed up with villains (and it worked about as well as you can imagine).  And the … Continue reading

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