Star Wars Is Back…Until It Isn’t

This weekend, at the Star Wars celebration, Disney unveiled the title for the new last movie in the saga. The Rise of Skywalker.

It’s the last movie in the new trilogy. The last movie for a few years (while the next trilogy and sequence of films is figured out) and the last Star Wars movie I’ll probably see.

If you don’t know, Lucasarts has hired Rian Johnson to direct the next trilogy. So, once J.J. Abrams reveals that Rey is a Skywalker, I suppose I’ll just sit back and watch as fans rip apart the next movie and dislike the next trilogy as much as they dislike The Last Jedi.

But, at least it looks like Rey will cut a TIE Interceptor in half with her lightsaber [too bad it’s not green {well, she didn’t lose a hand in Episode VIII, so…}]. Unless, of course, her cousin lover best friend enemy Kylo Ren is piloting. Then we’ll see something incredible happen through the power of the Force.

Luke’s back. Lando’s back. The Emperor’s back? What more could fans hope for? Guess we’ll find out after Christmas.


A new video game where we can play as Jedi.


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