Say His Name


Well, unfortunately, I didn’t turn into a muscle-bound, fast-flying superhero of comic proportions, but Zachary Levi did. Over the weekend, Shazam! powered through the box office competition and earned over $53 million. Not to shabby. Especially considering it’s another Captain Marvel. Though Carol Danvers did do slightly better than Billy Batson at the box office.

(In case you didn’t know, Shazam was originally known as Captain Marvel while Captain Marvel was originally known as Ms. Marvel.)

It’s not too bad. I enjoyed it. Zachary Levi was believable as a kid in an adults body and likable in the role of the powered superhero. The ensemble cast of foster kids rounds out the movie and adds a bit of heart to an otherwise light-hearted romp through the classic superhero of the genre.

Young Billy Batson has big shoes to fill. Though, I’m honestly not sure how Asher Angel compares to Zachary Levi (does it matter?). Both, however, are great in their respective roles.

It really makes you wonder if we’ll see a sequel or if Shazam will appear alongside the likes of Wonder Woman [his crush] or Aquaman [his target for jokes] or Batman [his mentor] or Superman [his other mentor].

With the earlier success of Aquaman and DC hoping to build upon the success of Wonder Woman with the sequel Wonder Woman: 1984, we might just be able to turn this sinking ship around and get a Justice League people can watch for 10 years.

{Of course, we’re all a little leery about the new Joker movie.}


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