That Time of Year Again

Some days, you just want to stay in the shower. Unfortunately, you can’t. The hot water runs out eventually. Sure, you can stand under the lukewarm water until it gets too cold to tolerate or you could start your day.

I prefer to chill.

Even if we just had the first day of spring, we all know what season it really is: pothole season.

It might just be better to stay home. If your job lets you work from home. Or you have vacation days accumulated. It’ll take the repair crews a few days to get everything sorted. And Mother Nature a few minutes to ruin all their hard work.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

the crows are circling. Even they know.

But, that’s just the way it goes some days in the Midwest. We complain about winter because it’s too cold. We complain about spring because it wrecks our cars. We complain about summer because it’s too hot. We complain about autumn because we have to rake leaves. If we aren’t complaining, we’re dead.

So, sure, it might be easier to stay in bed, but where’s the adventure in that? Where’s the fun of bouncing along the road? Where’s your sense of danger?

Safely tucked away next to my wallet to remind me just how much a bent rim can cost.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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