The Joker: Misunderstood Heckler

Some days, you just really need a good joke. I think most of us feel that way after watching Infinity War…or waking up on a Monday (same thing?). Too bad most of us are so serious all the time.

The thing is, life’s hard. Right? Everyone knows that. Sure, we get frustrated by things, people, animals, the weather (isn’t that a thing?), even nothing. We’re so frustrated with being frustrated that we forget how to let loose and have fun.

That’s why Batman needs the Joker.

Without the Joker, Batman’s just a guy dressed like a Bat with no one laughing at him. Clearly, that’s a missed opportunity. I’m sure the Joker didn’t start off thinking that he wanted to be Batman’s nemesis. He just wanted to point out the irony of a guy dressed as a bat working the streets of Gotham at night.

Sure, the only way to get Bats to notice was to provide a little mayhem. But, the guys busy, who can blame him for not taking time to notice a heckler. Even if he was first rate. So Joker had to up the ante, step into the big leagues of crime and really get the attention his jokes deserved.

I mean, sure, eventually The Joker became the Clown Prince of Crime. After years of hard work and countless classic pranks, gags, jokes, jests, quips, one-liners, and mayhem galore he reached the pinnacle of Gotham’s elite criminals. The best of the best. The one who’d stand toe to toe with Batman and laugh.

The Joker just wants to see Batman crack a smile.

It’ll never happen, but that’s why the Joker is Batman’s greatest foil. They’re so opposite and alike that it’s eerie. Both driven to excel, both never backing down, and both feared by their enemies and loathed/loved by their sidekicks, companions, minions, and servants depending on the day (or the writer).

So, in a world full of Batmen…Batmans? Be The Joker*.


{…Or maybe, just laugh more? (even at/in-spite of yourself)}

*In no way is this blog actually intending for people to cause mayhem or criminal activity. If you do it, it’s on you.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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