Crisis of the Infinity War: Not Revealing Spoilers

Over the weekend, Marvel’s movie topped the box office. But, we can’t talk about it in too much detail (thanks, Thanos). I mean, why spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, right?

Here’s the thing, though. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. You want to talk about it. Maybe that’s why everyone went this weekend and helped Infinity War smash box office records. Which is really too bad, since not very many people liked it [it’s only a 9.0 on and is 84% fresh on].

But, if you didn’t see it, did you miss anything? I mean, how will this all change the MCU? Will it? Will Infinity War become the Empire Strikes Back of the MCU? Will some people regard it as the best of the three dozen films [personally, I prefer Return of the Jedi to Empire Strikes Back, but that’s just me (off topic? {well, both Marvel and Star Wars are owned by Disney…})].

Can we have a mad titan who isn’t mad, just sad or unhappy? Will anyone ever call him Thanos again or will he forever be known as Grimace? And, of course, the most pressing question of all: Who didn’t stay through the whole credits? (You know, by now, that you’ll miss out on something if you don’t.)

Image result for thanos demands your silence

From Imgur

Honestly, it’s the hardest thing to not talk about once you’ve seen it, especially while browsing the internet [esp. on social media] or walking out of the theater after you just saw it, or while seeing trailers for it on TV or re-watching the rest of the MCU, etc. So you need to carefully vet your friends to discover who has seen it, who still wants to, and who doesn’t care about spoilers. But, seriously, don’t be that guy who ruins it for everyone. Thanos might just come for you next…he has a naughty/nice list, right?

Note: None of the articles or links were screened for spoilers, I just hoped everyone feared Thanos enough


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