Cold Weather Remains. Winter Hopes to Catch the Premiere of Avengers: Infinity War

Too be fair, with all the hype and excitement surrounding the latest installment of Marvel’s blockbuster franchise, can we really blame winter for wanting to stick around to see the premiere? Of course, that means some of us get the shaft, but like unsung holidays, maybe we’ll grow used to it, too.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite, little known holiday is coming up soon. Earth Day. The one day a year when we take time out of our…no wait, we don’t get the day off. Which is really too bad considering how awesome the weather has… been… er, yeah.

But, true story, Sunday is Earth Day. So, take a moment to celebrate the planet that gives you winter, snow, more winter, second winter, and freezing rain {really though, it’s just an excuse for the government to force us to care about the environment (conspiracy theory much?)}.

Here in the Great White North…wait, that’s Canada… here in the state that looks like a mitten, we believe that winter might end but only to begin construction season. We had a brief period when the roads were patched during the false lull between first and second winter, that near thaw that brought potholes. Well, we’ve got them again.

Or as I like to think of them, the craters Superman made when fighting the Mole People.

But, honestly, no one cares about Earth Day or potholes. We’re too concerned with who’s going to die in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

And everyone’s favorite new book, Where’s Hawkeye?, a magical romp through trailers and posters searching for a glimpse of the team’s resident archer.

Image result for where's hawkeye

From Reddit

If only we could all be so concerned about Hawkeye’s fate. Alas, some of us are taking one Sunday off in the hope that Mother Nature might relent and give us spring. Then summer. Otherwise, Avengers: Infinity War could be the biggest blockbuster of winter part 3.


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