Baseball Begins

Opening Day happened over the weekend at Comerica Park…it just wasn’t on the day everyone expected. Baseball season started earlier this year with many teams playing the last days of March.

Of course, here in Detroit, we had rain-outs in two out of the three games of the home opener and have yet to see temps much above 50 (if they’ve even reached that high) in the first four days of the 2018 season.

Which begs the question I ask every year: Why keep pushing opening day back? Soon, spring training will begin in December and the season will start in February (can’t say March anymore). We’ll see games with snow (already have) and games where players wear sweaters and gloves and long johns and beanies and ski masks and scarves and wool socks.

It’s not like the season couldn’t start April 14th this year. Or just the home opener in Detroit be after Memorial Day. The first few months and the last few you play where it’s warm. In between, you play where it’s cooler (so, not Texas).

But, it looks to be a good season, once the stadiums heat up, people fill the stands, and summer is in full swing.

Maybe I’ll see you at the ballpark…but not until May or June. April’s too cold (unless I get free tickets. No one can say no to free stuff).


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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