New Year’s Resolutions?

Welp, here we are a brand new year. Out with the old, right? No matter how good or how terrible 2017 was, it’s gone, over now. You made it to 2018. Personally, I’m still waiting for self-lacing shoes.

Are you looking forward to a blank slate? Did you ring in the new year with excitement or trepidation? Either way, there’s no stopping the slow march of time.

New year, new day, new you, new way. There’s plenty of things to make 2018 great. You are in charge of where you will go and what you will do.

And, obviously, this is the time of the year when everyone makes a resolution or two (and only keeps them for a month). Last year I wanted to become like Captain America… unfortunately, finding a super soldier serum proved more challenging than expected. This year, I think I’ll set a nice easy resolution: take more naps. Shouldn’t be too difficult, after all, if I’m in charge of my couch, I can lay on it whenever I’m near it.

I think a nice relaxing year is in order. Or a month. However long I can maintain my willpower to continue such a strenuous resolution.

I’m not really sure what’ll happen in 2018. The start of the year is always bright-eyed, filled with hope, and (cold) full of potential. There’s almost too much time to make use of. How can I possibly use 365 days responsibly?

That’s not going to happen.

I’ll just hope for the best. It’s a brand new year and the possibilities are endless. I’m exhausted just thinking about what 2018 might have in store for me. Time to take a nap. The first of the new year.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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