The Wait For The Last Jedi

Well, it’s that time of the year again, when my subdivision streets become a skating rink and I wonder what I’m doing with tires instead of blades on my car (would rims work the same?).

It’s also [almost] time for Star Wars!

Obviously, you’re excited. Who isn’t? So, I without spoiling anything [I hope], I’ll just share a few thoughts. The Last Jedi will clearly take place during a battle between First Order AT-ATs and Resistance speeders; I mean, that’s on the poster. Rey will lose a hand. And, we’ll finally know that Luke is her father. Kylo will extend his hand and an offer for her to join him, “Join me, Rey, and together we can rule the galaxy as cousins. Platonically. This isn’t Game of Thrones.” Oh, and we’ll see more of the Finn and Poe bromance, with one of them, probably, getting put into carbon freeze for the other to save.

Sure, some people don’t want Rey to be Luke’s daughter, after all, that would tarnish his ideal Jedi status. He wouldn’t hold to the tenants of the Old Jedi Order, the same reasons why his father fell to the Dark Side; on the other hand, how will the galaxy restore its Jedi Order if the only Jedi left doesn’t have kids?

Besides, Star Wars is the story of the Skywalker family. The originals follow Luke and his journey to become a Jedi. The prequels follow Anakin and his journey to become Darth Vader. The sequels should follow Rey and her legacy whether dark or light is yet to be seen. It makes sense…at least from a storyteller’s perspective.

Not everyone’s okay with that, though. Some want her to be the daughter of Obi-Wan, but that runs into the same problems as Luke except that Obi-Wan actually was part of the Old Jedi Order. Others want her to be the daughter of Palpatine. There are even those who think she might be Anakin reincarnated. And some just want her to be a random Force-sensitive.

I just hope that when Rey becomes the last Jedi, we’ll finally know once and for all how Luke got such an impressive beard by staring at the ocean for so long.

There are a lot of theories, speculations, and rumors floating around. Especially circulating Rey’s parentage. All those aside, however, I have a favorite fan theory, I think everyone should root for; of course, I mean that Jar Jar Binks is actually Snoke.

So, none of that may be true. Some of that might be. Mostly, we won’t know anything concrete until after the movie premieres.

I just know that after this weekend, there won’t be any hope of avoiding Star Wars spoilers. The internet will be teeming with reactions [both positive and negative] for The Last Jedi. Enjoy it when you can and stay away from the interwebs until you see it…if you can.


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