Frodo Comes to the Rainforest

Guys, I’m torn. On the one hand The Lord of the Rings will be a series on Amazon. On the other hand, it probably won’t have any of the original movie cast.

Okay, so why do we even need a LotR series on Amazon? Aren’t there already super long movies that are stupendous and excellently capture the vision of J.R.R. Tolkien? Wouldn’t Amazon have been better off creating a series that people want? Like something new (or a 100% book accurate Harry Potter {because everyone wants that [true]}).

To be fair, there probably are a few things not in the movies that were in the original books, but Peter Jackson only had 4 hours for each movie. He couldn’t put everything in. Some things were left out on purpose, no doubt. I’m looking at you Tom Bombadil. Sure, the weird, singing giant dude has his fans, but I never really fancied him. I was more of a Boromir…well, until *spoiler removed*.

Obviously, Amazon felt that the romance between Faramir and Eowyn was given short shrift and they want to do it justice. They want to see Sam sail off into the Undying Lands with Frodo (to continue their bromance). It’s just a chance to fill in a few of the places the movies left out.

Basically, Amazon is just going to add footage to the movies. I’m pretty sure. Maybe with a look-a-like cast.

Image result for thor ragnarok matt damon

From {nailed it}

Boom. Prediction down. Now we wait and see how accurate I am. I might need to go to Vegas…maybe I’ll wait for the results of this little gamble first.


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