Skeletons Tell Tales

Halloween, that wonderful time of the year when skeletons crawl out of the closets and prance around your lawn. It’s not so bad really. A skeleton cat takes care of the skeleton rats, a skeleton snake eats the skeleton frogs and a skeleton Tyrannosaurus Rex…wait, nope, that’s scary no matter what; skeleton or not (maybe more terrifying if it’s a skeleton?).

It is…green, sir.

When we can dress up like whatever we want {to blend in with the ghouls and ghosts, demons and devils prowling around that night}, we can lose ourselves in the magic of the spirit of Halloween.

The monster within seeps out. Our inner creep…creeps out. We can display our fun, witty side or our scary side or, even, our broken side. Yet, it all looks like a mask.

The mask removed, the make-up wiped away, we’re left with the tale etched only in our bones. That’s why skeletons tell great stories. Sit beside one, pull up a chair, and listen to their tales of woe and despair. But, only some are so dreary. A lot are actually pretty funny (don’t make a joke involving funny bones).

A well honed sense of timing and a large grin help land the jokes (even worse).

Skeletons might make friends slowly, it might even be intimidating to talk to one, but deep down, we’re all the same. We’re just like them. They’re just like us…well, the human skeletons, anyway.

You never know what tale lurks beneath the skin unless you take the time to peel it back and truly listen {great, that sounds like an opening line to a Silence of the Lambs sequel}.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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