Always Wear Sunscreen

Here’s your friendly, end of summer reminder: Sunscreen helps support healthy skin.

So wear it. Yeah. Wear it. Wear that funky stuff.



Chad and Lize

What’s the worst thing about sunburn? The puns.

Look, we’re all a part of this Earth. Sure, the moon might’ve covered the sun for a few moments last week (can you get eclipse burn {only on your retinas}), but that doesn’t mean that the sun didn’t return. The sun did return.

I’m really bad about wearing sunscreen. I figure one application per day is enough. But that’s just me. I like looking like a boiled lobster.

Some of us humans are lucky enough to have naturally resilient skin. The rest of us hiss and glare at the sun the moment it rises and our skin starts to smoke.

So, if you’re a vampire, stay out of the sun. Everyone else, apply liberally (does that mean start on your left side?).

Also, yeah, I might’ve gone to Cedar Point on Saturday. If you saw me there, awesome. I only went with like a million of my closest acquaintances. Standing in line isn’t so bad when you’ve got fun ride buddies. Or downloaded the Cedar Point mini game app.



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One Response to Always Wear Sunscreen

  1. Living Soils says:

    Its easy to forget the simple stuff. Using sun screen is a great habit to get into. Thanks for the post.

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