Happy Belated Birthday, HP

I know what you’re thinking. I know I dropped the ball on Monday. I mean, how could I have forgotten such an important day? I didn’t even make passing mention of Harry Potter’s birthday (nerd card revoked).

Image result for harry potter birthday

You’re another year older, are we still friends?

The truth is, it’s awkward. I never remember how old he is. He was eleven during the events of The Sorcerer’s Stone, but when was he born? If we go by the original release date of the book, 1997, he was born in 1986. If we go by the original release date of the movie, 2001, he was born in 1990.

(True fans go to the source [so, Harry was born July 31, 1980, making him 37].)

Image result for I'm not old, I'm 37

I tell myself that every day

So, sorry, I missed the party and the cake…well, maybe not the cake if Hagrid made it. But if it was at Hogwarts, that would’ve been an awesome party [and one I, as a Muggle, wouldn’t be able to enter].

Not coincidentally, author J.K. Rowling also celebrates a birthday on July 31 [but, I’ll be a gentleman–unlike Google–and not reveal her birth year].

Hopefully, this post will restore some portion of my nerd-cred (probably not).


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