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Always Wear Sunscreen

Here’s your friendly, end of summer reminder: Sunscreen helps support healthy skin. So wear it. Yeah. Wear it. Wear that funky stuff.     Look, we’re all a part of this Earth. Sure, the moon might’ve covered the sun for … Continue reading

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The Defenders

So, if you didn’t know, The Defenders arrived on Netflix. That’s right, a whole series following the team-up of some pretty awesome superheroes. Superman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman…wait. That’s the Justice League. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black … Continue reading

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Total 80% Eclipse

So, I guess something happened today. The sky got dark…ish around 2. At least in my area, we only got 80% of the total solar eclipse. But that’s okay. Who wants mushroom men and vampires walking around in the afternoon? … Continue reading

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I Shouldn’t Live Stream My Life

Have you ever tried to stop using social media, even just for the weekend (why would anyone do that?)? It’s hard. I mean, I don’t often realize just how often I mindlessly scroll through Facebook feeds without even reading them … Continue reading

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Harley Q Day Is Coming

I had no idea Harley Quinn turns 25 this year. That’s pretty awesome. And, to celebrate, DC will have her takeover their annual Batman celebration day on September 23. So, even if you didn’t know that Harley will turn 25 … Continue reading

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