Last Week At Comic Con

Pop culture has been eclipsed by nerd culture. And San Diego Comic Con is, arguably, the largest celebration of all things nerdy in the world. And, it just so happens that it was last week. The reveals from many of your favorite heroes were pretty good in my opinion.

We saw a new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok.

Got a trailer for Ready Player One.

Heard teases and rumors for Avengers: Infinity War and a standalone Flash movie revolving around the events of Flashpoint.

And saw another trailer for Justice League.

The influx of nerd is awesome. {However, there is one drawback: we can no longer separate the bandwagon fan from the die-hard. When everyone has seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, how can we tell which fans are truly fans of Peter Parker and which just went to watch Spider-Wuss because everyone else did?

(Who cares? If your friend didn’t catch all the veiled references in the latest superhero movie or missed an Easter egg [or, Stan Lee-forbid, didn’t stay to watch the full credits after a Marvel movie], they aren’t better or worse than anyone else.)}

The casual fan can enter into dialogue with the hardcore. Sure, as you discuss a movie, your friend might wonder why this superhero didn’t have that power or why this event happened but not that one and you may not even know what she’s referencing. Instead of staring dumbly or mutely agreeing, take the opportunity to delve deeper into the lore of the character or characters the world you just explored. Or don’t. Honestly, the choice is yours.

If your friend admits he didn’t understand a part of the movie or missed a reference, don’t mock him {too hard}. Instead, if you know what was meant, politely and patiently reveal the hidden message. That way everyone enjoys the movie more and we’re all in the know.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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