In Defense of Ed Sheeran on GOT

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no defense for that cameo {you’re right}. But, allow me two points for your consideration before you write me off (or send copious amounts of hate mail).

  1. If someone asked you to be on Game of Thrones, you wouldn’t hesitate. Your first (and only question) would be, “How do I die”.
  2. As a musician, if someone wanted to debut a new song of yours on a wildly popular TV show, you wouldn’t ask yourself, “Does this make me a sellout?”, you’d premier a new song. 

Obviously, the internet disagrees with me, but let’s be honest for a minimum. Social media is a lot like junior high and high school, those who are most vocal are those who hate you  (or are jealous of how awesome you are at math…or tuba, etc.).

The nicest Lannister or Arya’s next face?

Sure, Mr. Sheeran needs to grow thicker skin. Deleting his Twitter account wasn’t exactly taking a stand, but to be fair when bullies lambast you, sometimes all you want to do is hide.

Look, someone needed to show that the Lannisters aren’t just a family of self-absorbed, obnoxious, inbreds. Sure, there’s Tyrion, but he’s still a power-hungry, narcissistic, Lannister. He just happens to own it and hate the rest of the family (like us).

One of us

And for those of you who hated the cameo, maybe he’ll come back as Arya wearing his face to kill Cersei.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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