Merica: Retro Chic

Happy birthday, America  [a day early {to the only America that matters}]. If the fireworks weren’t a dead giveaway, the Tigers’ uniforms over the weekend should’ve been. 

Sure, Canada celebrated its birth, too and, yes, they may think they’re the younger, hipper version of us just because they turned 75 and we turned 241 (or whatever), but the truth is, we’re still kicking. We’re not so old yet that we’ve lost sight of the cool, the new, and the original; but we still hold on to the core values that make America great, the values instilled in us by our Founding Fathers.

So, slide into your favorite pair of America flag cowboy boots  (if you have more than one), watch fireworks, and enjoy your liberty, freedom, and representation on taxes (especially tea). It was hard earned and staunchly defended. 

Hard working Americans need hard working boots

{Remember, freedom only dies (with thunderous applause) when we give it away [Benjamin Franklin].}


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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