Summer of Sun

This is the time of year when us white folk really shine. Summer sunlight pricks our delicate skin and leaves us radiant. Like a tomato on the vine or freshly bleached undershirt.

Image result for arwen light

Don’t stare directly at her skin

The only thing worse than walking outside in shorts for the first time is walking outside the day after.

Image result for sunburn

And you though your friends were mean

The truth is, as much as I enjoy summer, sunshine, and s’mores, I really can’t do anything without sunscreen (zinc oxide?).

Image result for sunscreen spf 1000

My protection of choice (or just don’t go outside)

Sitting in the coolness of air conditioning, I wonder why anyone would risk going outside and interacting with the harmful rays of our yellow sun.

Related image

If only we were all so lucky

But, the rewards can be great [not super powers], the unfiltered access to nature in all its beauty (unless you have allergies).

Enjoy the sunlight responsibly, friends.


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to Summer of Sun

  1. Virginia says:

    Sun = Vitamin D!!! (As a red head 10 minutes is my maximum dose before morphing into a red lobster – when not doused with 45 sun block, that is!) ☀️😊☀️

  2. bkreuch says:

    It’s definitely good for your skin…as long as you don’t get too much sun.

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