Turns Out, I’m Still Afraid of the Dark

Monday must be our day to lose power. We lost power last week Monday [or was it Tuesday? I can’t remember. Let’s say it was Monday, otherwise, this article doesn’t work as well] and again this morning. I guess, that’s what happens when your entire neighborhood doesn’t pay their electric bills.

I’m sure, as an association, we decided at the last meeting [not that go to any] to not pay our bills. Water. Electricity. Heat*.

It wasn’t because I decided to turn on all the lights in the house, play my computer, XBox 360, XBox One, and watch cable, crank my A/C down to 60, start my shield generator, and try to revive Frankenstein’s Monster. Definitely not that.

Image result for frankenstein

Don’t ask where to get cadavers, I don’t really know. [I just borrowed the monster to revive it as a gift for the good doctor]. 

It’s probably just the universe’s way of kicking my butt into gear and facing my fear of the dark. Sure, you might think it’s weird. No one’s afraid of the dark anymore. Not since cellphones come equipped with flashlights and we hardly look away from our phones. In fact, most people probably enjoy the night; it’s the only time they get to sleep and charge their phones. A win-win.

I swear, if I had eyes like Riddick in Pitch Black, I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark either. …Unless I was actually on that desert planet (you mean M6-117) with those Velociraptor-scorpion-dragon-things (um, they’re called Bioraptors. Hello). Not fun.

Image result for riddick eyes

Pretty cool, right?

But, at least now, I understand why every house needs at least one bathroom with windows.

Image result for black

Shower Selfie!

The one day I look good in front of a mirror. [But, seriously, if you struggle with self-image, you should check out Beauty Beyond Bones, an awesome blog devoted to body positivity amidst the turmoil of real life].

*In no way should this post be construed as condoning not paying your bills {or your taxes}. I’ve no idea how people lived before internet and cable. They must’ve gone outside *shudder*. Or used their imagination (which, some people are convinced is a figment of the imagination).


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