Dr. Ken (Reportedly) Willing to “Take One for the Team”

As most of us know, patriot America’s true favorite comedy was cancelled last week. ABC decided to not renew Last Man Standing, the long-running sitcom of conservative comic Tim Allen. The reason was obvious.

Recently, the media mogul {who own, Disney, Star Wars, and ESPN} issued a statement claiming “they wanted to move away from comedy on Fridays“. As if TGIF wasn’t a beloved programming block for years.

Now, we’ve just learned that Ken Jeong, the star of Dr. Ken, knew about the renewal drama and was okay with letting his show take the fall to preserve ABC’s fabrication. The extremism of liberals knows no bounds, my friends.

If we–

Alright, who let the conspiracy theorist in {the voice of the people won’t be silenced!}? This should definitely be taken as false fact and fake news.

However, it is true that the producers of Last Man Standing are shopping around for a new network {perhaps they’ll pull a Nashville and find a home on CMT *fingers crossed*}.


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