I Guess Showbiz Really Is A Harsh Mistress

This past weekend was pretty crazy, many television stations announced which shows they were keeping and which they weren’t (it was also Mother’s Day {hope no one forgot [I got cookies from my mom (that’s not how that’s supposed to work [well, this fat kid didn’t ask questions, I just took the cookies and ran, screaming, “Thank you!” and trying not to choke on the mouthful of chocolate chipy goondess])]}).

Some shows were surprisingly cut. But, none more so than ABC’s second-highest rated comedy, Last Man Standing (only behind Modern Family in ratings)…at least according to its fans [who, apparently, are calling for a boycott; me, I just hope the show can find a new home on a new station].

Tim Allen’s hit wasn’t the only show on the chopping block. Many shows got the ax. Including a few rookie shows that might’ve held promise, APB and Frequency. Some shows that had (mostly) run their course, Bones and Grimm.

Of course, many shows weren’t voted off the island. Some, like The Big Bang Theory, had immunity (which is great news considering that cliffhanger {which won’t fully resolve until the end of season 11…or 12}). Others, like The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, formed alliances to better their chances of remaining safe.

For the curious, here‘s a long and exhaustive list. Fingers crossed your favorite show(s) made the cut.


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