Did April 1st Fool You?

“Never trust anything on the Internet” is never more true than on April 1. This year had some pretty good ones. From George Takei’s plan to run for Congress (that fact that many links were from The Daily Buzz should’ve clued you in) to kangaroos released in Wyoming.

In case you’re interested, Slate has a list of 13 of this year’s best April Fool’s Day pranks. Or, if you prefer, check out BuzzFeed for their list.

I’ll admit, the kangaroos in Wyoming stymied me. I mean, it just seems like something someone might think is a good idea. Much like releasing zebra muscles into the Great Lakes or the Asian Lady Beetle everywhere.

Hopefully, though, at least one workplace pulled off an epic The Office style prank.



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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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