How Do You Like Your Dinosaurs?

As our knowledge of dinosaurs evolves, our images of them begin to change. We used to think they stood upright or had splayed hips. As paleontologists began discovering more and more fossil remains, we learned new and surprising things.

Not quite the menacing protagonist of Jurassic Park.


Now we know that some dinosaurs had feathers (mostly black or really dark gray {like Batman?}).  Though some scientists want to add feathers to every dinosaur [well, every dinosaur of the same type].

feathered ornithomimid

Feeling menaced yet?



Some dinosaur fans prefer their dinosaurs scaly, others feathery.


accurate dinosaur

Isn’t this Psittacosaurus cute?

The real question is, how do you like your dinosaurs?

Me? I prefer them well-done.

trex egg.jpg

Or as plastic, on my desk

…Until we grow them in a lab. Then I’d sign up to adopt one. Sure, it might kill me, but it’d be totally worth it. After all, how many people could tell St. Peter at the pearly gates that a dinosaur killed them? {Besides Adam and Eve? (wow)}


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