The Truth About Wolverine [The World May Never Know (Or Care)]

We live in a time where everyone’s truth is equally valid. My truth is mine and works for me. Your truth is yours and works for you. How are you supposed to argue? Who knows who wins and who’s right?

It’s awful.

For instance, my friend thinks that Wolverine’s healing factor is practically limitless. Logan should age so slowly that he outlives the time-traveling Cable.

Wolverine after Nitro exploded.

Me, I think that the adamantium that’s crafted to his skeleton slowly poisons him and he will eventually age and die. Just a bit slower than normal.

Not quite as scary as one-handed Wolverine, though.

And who’s to say who’s right? Evidence can be cited to support both claims (well, you’re arguing about comic books, so… [ahem, graphic novels (whatever)]).

Wolverine. Wolverine always wins.

What do you think? Do you prefer Old Man Logan or would you rather see Wolverine stumbling along as the last human on the planet (because he killed everyone?) still looking like he did back in Incredible Hulk #180?

I know, this is #181, but he only had a cameo in #180.



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