Logan:Wolverine (Finally) Unleashed

Logan the father-son comedy between Wolverine and Professor X you never knew you needed. Obviously, the scenes with Sir Patrick Stewart steal the show. (When incredible {hey, that’s Hulk’s} newcomer to the franchise Dafne Keen isn’t.)

In the movie, an aging James Howlett takes care of his father figure, Charles Xavier. As Charles struggles through mental decline not uncommon in nonagenarians, James begins to contemplate suicide. The strain and burden are costing a heavy toll. He bears it on gimp knees with wheezing breath (and self-medicates with alcohol {that was obvious}).

The tender moments between the two run the course of the movie. We see James carry a paraplegic Charles when a staircase bars the way. We watch with shattered hearts as James forces Charles to take the medicine preventing his seizures.

And through it all, Charles is a thankless, cantankerous old man…except in his more lucid moments. A doddering fool to strangers, Charles and James argue relentlessly. It’s clear James only wants the best for Charles, yet Charles just wants to face his end with whatever dignity he can muster.

Charles fights against his own wave of despair, hoping that by winning his battle, he might just help James win his own.

Logan is rated R for viciously graphic claw attacks, a stupendously scary eleven year-old girl (like poop your pants creepifying), and plenty of violence.

Right, thanks, Cap. 

And language.

Run time: 137 minutes

FYI: There’s no need to sit through the credits this time {thank goodness}. But, if you arrive late, you might miss a trailer for Deadpool 2 (if you care about such things). Or a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (which everyone cares about).

And, for those wondering why Ian McKellan wasn’t in Logan (or, for those who didn’t miss him, now you will [you’re welcome] {you can skip ahead to the 17:00 mark for Ian (but why miss the dynamic duo of Hugh and Patrick?)}).


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