A Glimpse into the Future

I think it might be interesting to take a look forward. Sure, it’s easier to look back and say, “Boy, things sure were great when…”; it’s much harder to look forward to something. Aside from getting presents.

Let’s jump 8 years ahead and listen to some of the conversations and/or read some of the newspaper headlines:

  1. “Tyranny isn’t so bad.”
  2. Trump Seeks Third Term, Congress Filibusters
  3. Canada Still Colder Than Nuclear Winter
  4. “Those automated factories sure churn out cars quickly. I hope they don’t turn on us, though.”
  5. “I wish we had flying cars.”
  6. “Remember when the Cubs won the World Series?”
  7. “Things could be worse.”
  8. Latest CIA Report on China: Things Couldn’t Be Worse
  9. Russian Hackers Still Helping Trump Win
  10. Rise in Spray-on Tanner Hits Yugest Increase Yet
  11. Orange Is the New White
  12. Patriotism Enforced
  13. Man Arrested for Pretending to Be a Man
  14. Congress Adds More Vacation Days per Year…For Themselves Only
  15. “George said vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate. We’re no longer friends.”

And we thought we’d only have to worry for a few moments. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting back into my time machine and traveling back to a more civilized age. Anyone up for a jump 65 million years into the past?

I mean, 8 years from now and they still don’t have hoverboards or flying cars? Come on, guys, let’s get on that. Personally, I’m hoping for powered exoskeletons like Iron Man’s suit, but the Goblin Glider is a close second.

I had hoped we’d at least have self-tying shoes. Sadly, the only innovation anyone has worked on is growing meat in a lab. It looks better and takes less time to grow. And it still tastes like protein chained together.

Sorry, everyone, I guess I’m just really digging into the bottom of the barrel today.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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