The Last Day 

Here we are, less than 24 hours away from the inauguration of America’s first reality television star president  [though part of me doubts he’ll be the last  (unless Trump’s the last president of the United States)]. Everyone is lamenting how bad things will be (they couldn’t get much worse {at least Hillary wasn’t elected [easy you two]}).

But for the next few moments, at least, we still live in America. The only way it loses its title of “Greatest Nation in the Word” is if we let it. If we fail (of course, it could be argued that the last election was a failure).

Let’s be honest, America is still pretty great. We lead the world in obesitytrash production, and national pride [thought, that might plummet soon] among other things

Honestly, America is basically #winning so why worry? We’re too focused on the negative, let’s stay positive. After all, you’re still breathing…and that’s something. 

I don’t think citizens are rushing to stores to hoard food, supplies, and barricade themselves behind bunkers, but I might have missed the rush. 

So, if you’re stocked up waiting for the Apocalypse, good luck  {according to liberals, it starts tomorrow}. Hopefully, there’ll still be a few essentials leftover when I do my regular shopping this weekend. I could really use a new hatchet and some more LEGOs [for self defense and to bide my time once electricity fails, respectively].

Good luck, fair reader. I’m certain tomorrow everyone will be fending for themselves. Personally, I’m hoping that the nuclear fallout will grant me cool superpowers  (always looking for the bright side).


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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