Picking Up the Pieces: Special Edition 

After drowning your sorrows, wake up and realize it wasn’t a nightmare. There’s still hope. It may not look like it, but it’s still there waiting (hiding).

A corrupt, narcissistic politician lost to a slanderous ego-maniacal businessman and everyone’s ready to flee the country. So what? HRC wasn’t the savior we needed; no politician is (not even Uncle Bernie?). The world didn’t end with Y2K, it didn’t end when the Mayan calendar did, it (probably) won’t end in January.

Then again, I never could predict the future.

We just need to stop and assess what Trump’s win actually means. Americans are tired of seeing brokenness and having the media and politicians tell us everything’s okay {some voted for “not Hillary” (and some just want to watch the world burn)}. Most Americans are not xenophobic, racist, or hateful . ..at least the ones I’ve met. As a whole, we said no to the corruption that plagues the system; unfortunately, that means we’ll see what happens with four years (less if he steps aside) with Trump as president.

I can’t say for sure what will happen, but no one can. Personally, I don’t see freedom eroding  (doesn’t mean it won’t), I don’t see churches and mosques forced to perform weddings for the LGBT community, but I also don’t see that community forced back into the closest.

Let’s all take a beat and consider why Trump won. What are the underlying causes? Not racism or bigotry, but the discontent with life. How can we change that? Because no matter who’s president, we can cause change, we can give hope.

We are the change we want to see in the world. Not the POTUS, not some reality TV star, not the guy down the street. You.

Maybe you aren’t satisfied with the election. Most [recent] years, [it seems] roughly half the population isn’t. That doesn’t give you a pass to hate. Love is the answer (or chocolate).

So, what? We simply sit on our hands for two years? Beyond raising or lowering taxes, how does the president affect your life  (oh, let me count the ways…)?

Instead of blaming someone for the mess we’re in, work to fix what you can. America still needs you.
Amexit doesn’t need to happen.

Was this the best result we could have gotten? America got the two candidates it deserved. We chose greed over corruption (as we always do?).

What do you tell your kids? “Do good.” It may not look like it, now, but we’ll get through this . ..somehow. Just don’t say, “It could be worse,” that’s how movies escalate conflict and create drama.

So I don’t get to see my civil liberties squashed, there are worse things in life. I mean, if we go to a single-payer health care system, where would Canadians go for treatment? You’re welcome, Canada.

Look, this isn’t America breaking up with the world, it’s just us taking some time to work on ourselves. We need to figure out who we are and what we want instead of defining ourselves by what we do [for the world].

You might hate the results, but do you honestly think anyone’s happy with the election process this year? Cut the red states some slack and let’s work together to make America great again. [….sorry, couldn’t resist. Wait, is that copyrighted?]

We don’t need to wait four years. We the people will always be stronger than one man or woman. A united America can do anything  {too bad we haven’t been united in a long time}.

It’s past time to get our stuff together. The divisions, the divide, only shrinks through us, our actions. Not laws, not speeches, not executive orders. Us.

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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