Vote: Your Future Depends On It

We all have a very important choice tomorrow. We get to decide which dystopian future we want to live in. A scavenging, raiding, tribal future or a tyrannical, freedomless, government-mandated future.

I’m certain we’re all familiar with post-apocalyptic stories [Personally, I’ve never understood that term. If it’s post apocalypse, what’s left? Isn’t the Apocalypse supposed to destroy the Earth? If the term were post-civilization or post-freedoms, I’d understand. But, perhaps, post-apocalyptic is more generic and allows for more freedom within the genre to write]. Books like The Hunger GamesDivergentFahrenheit 451, and The Giver, or the movie Equilibrium depict a society ruled by government regulations. It’s not until one brave hero or heroine rises up that the rest of the population even realizes they’re missing something. The Walking Dead shows us the stark reality of survival without civilization. It’s not the dead we need to fear, it’s the living.

Which brings us to our choice. The slow, methodical reduction of liberty, individuality, and uniqueness in exchange for sameness and tranquility (is that a Dragon Age reference?) where everyone pretends everything is fine. Where government regulates every facet of our lives: how we think, what we feel, what we wear, and how much we are worth. A society unwilling to allow anyone to disagree with the regime.

Or, the looming threat of surviving after World War III. [At least, I would finally know how much colder different a nuclear winter is from regular, Midwest winter.]

Either way, the future is bleak.

I’m not convinced that there is a third option (form an underground movement and blow-up the Deaths Star?).

The choice between an ego-maniacal, self-centered, stubborn, narcissistic liar and Donald Trump is really no choice at all. To choose a person who surrounds herself with bad people is to choose poorly. If you think that Hillary’s campaign manager will simply “let bygones be bygones” with Protestants once his plan of destroying the Catholic Church from within finishes {thanks, Wikileaks}, you are only fooling yourself {same if you belong to another religion [MLK: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” JFK: “an act against one church is treated as an act against all.”]}.

Trump is un-defend-able. We all know how terrible the things he’s said are.I’m not going to even attempt to recap they’re so much at the forefront of our minds (and they aren’t worth repeating [find them here]).

Yet, on both sides of the fence, each candidate is defended by his or her supporters. Weird that either has any supporters left since they are both historically unpopular [and most presidents only lose popularity the longer they hold office]. Don’t hassle your friend, neighbor, or stranger on the internet who supports one of these two, then the politicians win {still waiting for an explanation on how it’s okay to vote for a candidate undergoing a federal investigation involving a potential breach of national security (hey now)…}.

Neither candidate is fit for the office of president. How can we choose between someone who allies herself with those seeking to tear down a Christian denomination and someone who spouts foul rhetoric. Are we really asking ourselves to choose which bigot is better? We allow the media to sweep aside one candidate’s careless negligence in handling national security but devour its character assassination of the other (who has no character [not exactly Assassin’s Creed]).

Yet, we did this to ourselves {the DNC helped [and, we’re already hand-waving it way]}. It’s unfortunate that we have two of the worst candidates for president ever {One who just happened to be the only person on the Republican primary ticket projected to lose to HRC. Coincidence?}. It’s unfortunate that they both can’t lose [maybe they both can]. 

At least it’s almost over. After today, we’ll sort out who the real losers are.

The only choice left is what kind of dystopian world you want to live in. Which will you choose?


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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2 Responses to Vote: Your Future Depends On It

  1. Almost Iowa says:

    I am looking forward to roaring around the dessert in cobbled together dune buggies while dressed in Goth clothing. Anyone know where I can get a can of gas?

    • bkreuch says:

      I suppose you could possibly steal one whenever the need arose (not that we should steal and devikve into total anarchy)…or start hoarding them now. Who knows, you might become the gas king of the [local] sand dunes.

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