Apocalypse Not Yet?

With everyone worrying about the coming election, I think we’ve lost perspective on the things that really matter {like whether your candidate wins?}.

It’s easy to find a bleak picture of humanity if we only scour the internet for political articles or only watch the evening news’ first few minutes. It’s pretty apparent that the apocalypse is now.

However, if we walked outside of our bomb shelters (to gain more supplies?), we might just find that humanity isn’t as awful as it appears. Or, we might find zombies. Depends on the time of day…if school’s out, be careful.

Sure, I can wander the interwebs looking for the latest scandal to come out of this election cycle (they’re happening so fast, who can keep up?). Yes, one of these deranged psychos will win. Of course, America will falter and perhaps our enemies will pounce…wait, I’m getting off track. Sorry.

The point is, none of us volunteered for the job [okay, a few of us did, but not enough people voted for them and now we’re stuck with these “winners”]. Best put your best face on, walk outside and enjoy the sun. Soon it’ll be nuclear winter.

Are you prepared? What’s your evacuation plan? Can you ever have enough bottled water?

First, I’m not telling you my plan, you’ll just copy it and then I’m screwed. Second, the less people with plans, the better off us survivors will be…you know, after we fend off the ravaging, angry horde of crazies.  Third, it’ll be okay, just breath (and keep telling yourself that until November and beyond).

Remember, folks, a few more weeks of incoherent babble isn’t worth losing friends. Unless, of course, you like being a hermit [and, it’s easier to survive without a dozen useless mouths to feed]. However, the human condition is built upon the strength of the pack. Find yours and you can tame the wilderness…or, at least, survive longer than a week.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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