Only Vice Presidential Debate: Special Edition

Did anyone watch last night’s debate between the candidates for Vice President (well, it was on almost every channel {I hope most people watched the season premier of The Flash instead…but that might be too much to hope for})? More importantly, did anyone understand anything that was said during the debate?

For seventeen hours last night, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine talked over each other; though mostly the latter over the former. Not a good look. Of course, you could argue that the governor of Virginia just wanted to add some life to his ticket. He’s the bulldog to Hillary’s je ne sais quois. Pence, on the other hand, is the calm, collected, prepared debater to Trump’s boisterous bloviating.

I learned that watching the debate with people in the room makes listening harder, but when you can’t understand the people on the screen, at least your friends are entertaining. However, I’m sure a few good things were said…I just missed them.

Both men got in a few nice hits digs; though each side will argue that their candidate landed the┬ábest punches. It’s clear from the one source I read that Pence left the debate as the winner and might perhaps have a chance to repair a little of the damage Trump has done to himself. While Kain really didn’t do any favors for Hillary, she’s still running against Trump and that, alone, boosts her in the polls.


We did gain a refresher course in politicians lying 101. It’s always refreshing to see animals in their natural habitat acting the way you expect. If you travel to Africa, you don’t want to see lions on the┬áSerengeti painting (that’s what elephants do).

It just goes to show that Vice Presidents really are irrelevant. Mike Pence is the candidate Republicans want. Tim Kaine is the candidate Democrats are facing. Perhaps one day, someone will know exactly what it is the VP actually does (besides cross their fingers hoping the President stays alive). Last night’s debate did nothing to clarify that. It only showcased how well politicians speak over one another, a skill honed by every child everywhere.


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