Archery & Kids (Don’t Mix?)

Teaching kids to archer is always interesting. You can get a variety of kids with a variety of experience. 

Yet, there’s always at least one who, after we determine which eye is dominant, wants to shoot the other way. It’s always someone who’s cross-dominant. If he writes right-handed, he wants a right-handed bow, even though his left eye is dominant. 

Nothing wrong with that…he’ll just need to shoot with one eye closed. Every time. Might as well shoot lefty. Both eyes open. 

Then, there are those who forget to take their turn  (for a variety of reasons  [usually talking to a friend]) and want to make it up. Well, unfortunately, they can’t rewind the clock, but they can keep from missing another turn. 

Or the kid who shoots a bullseye and shouts for joy and runs across the shooting line to get a closer look. Not a good idea. That’s probably my favorite. 

Either that or those who don’t use an anchor point on their face. Holding the string against her face allows her to reach the same draw length every time. Consistency is key to repeatedly hitting the same spot. 

All in all, without helping kids learn, I wouldn’t understand the things I do wrong…well, maybe I would, but I wouldn’t have the stories [I’d have to pretend I wasn’t the hero of those errors].

About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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