Go Outside? Exercise? Pokemon!

I guess there’s some new game out. I’m not interested. Well, I was until I learned that I’d need to go outside. Do you have any ideal what’s out there?

I don’t. 

I hate all outdoor activities. Tanning. Walking. Being outside. It’s awful. Who wants to go outside?

All my friends are inside. Batman. Sherlock Holmes. The Assassins.

They started in here, I can’t leave them. What if they get lonely? Or think I’m playing favorites?

No, it’s not because my phone can’t run the latest apps (it can’t) or because my data plan is 5KB (free WiFi is everywhere). I mean, exercise? What kind of sickness is this (Nintendo track and field)?

If I want to exercise, I’ll stand up and…well, I’m not sure what happens next, but I know that it isn’t sit back down. That’s what I usually do and, apparently, it doesn’t count.

I suppose it could be worse. I could be Pokemon-less.


About bkreuch

I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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