Another Monday Election Status Update

Here we are, another Monday.  Except, we’ve now been inundated with news from the Orlando shooting.  We’ve been bombarded from all sides on how we should think, what we should feel, and how to react.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t help any of the victims’ families feel better.

Politicians jumps in and make this an issue for whatever agenda they want to push.  I mean, can’t we just for, like a minute, allow people to grieve? (Apparently not.)

But, that isn’t why you came here today.  You came seeking your regular dose of escape from the Mondays.  Well, let’s see if I can disappoint as usual.

The Democrats have their nominee, though most of us have known who she’d be since the primary voting began.  A few die-hards refused to believe and tried to elicit change in a party the stubbornly refuses to listen to its voter base.

The Republicans have their nominee, though most of us have feared to allow it to sink in.  Few truly wanted to admit that the system was so broken.  As everyone witnessed, instead of galvanizing the party around one candidate, the Republicans fielded a billion.  So, the voters chose, as they always do.

I’m not saying one side is more fair than the other {though, the dead only vote for one side].  I’m just saying that our two choices are equally terrible.  The choice between a tyrant and a tyrant isn’t a choice.  The lesser of two evils is still evil.

So, many have stopped playing the game.  Either they’re refusing to vote or they’re planning on voting third party (hey, we can still write in Bernie).  Which might, eventually, lead to an American political system that looks like Canada’s.  Twelve hundred parties, a ballot forty pages long, and no clear winners.

I’d be okay with that if  Nope.

Why do Americans want to be like Canadians?  What do they have that’s so great? (Gold medal hockey teams, maple syrup, Canadian bacon {um, ham?}, Mounties, a lot of underpopulated land…)

Personally, I think I’d rather move to a private island.  If I start a Kickstarter campaign, will anyone join?  Donors get first dibs on hammock trees.  I promise to be a strict but fair king.

The only downside: how to get cable TV.  Do you have any idea how often the line would get cut?  A shark could bite it.  A freighter could drive through it.  The logistics are a mess.  But, worth it to flip through seven million channels before discovering nothing’s on [as long as I get my Tigers and Red Wings, I’ll be happy].


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I like to read, I like to write, and I like to make people laugh.
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